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How to Select the Perfect Colors for your Wedding or Special Event Flowers

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I decide which colors I would like at my special event?
Choosing your wedding colors should take place in the early stages of special event or wedding planning. Your color scheme is very important for bringing unity to the flowers and decorations of your ceremony and reception. As you plan your event, consider the colors that will be found in your flowers, linens and accessories. Many people select their wedding or special event colors based on their favourite shade or favourite flower. However, if your favorite color does not match with your hall, you might want to reconsider. If the all the chairs at the hall are burgundy for example, please do not choose fire engine red! Your chosen colors should also reflect your personality, especially in the case of wedding flowers. If you are unsure about which flowers match your personality, take the quiz at the end of this book to see which flowers represent your character best.

How many colors should I choose?
You’ll want to choose one primary color and one or two accent colors. Try to limit your choice to a max. of 3 colors to avoid tackiness.

How can I make sure that my colors will match my event?
To help you finalize your colors, make sure that if the reception site has strong colors, they match with your chosen colors. Also, make sure your chosen colors will match your theme flowers and your bridesmaids’ dresses if it’s for a wedding. The season when your ceremony will take place should also influence your choice of colors. Spring weddings and events are usually in soft pastels whereas summer events include bright colors. Fall usually reflects earthy colors such as oranges, reds, yellows, and copper. Finally, winter suggests deep shades of reds, burgundies, gold and silver. Black and white is often a popular color scheme for weddings. Just make sure to brighten up the affair with a bright color in order to avoid that the happy occasion turns out looking like a funeral. Whichever combinations of colors you choose, remember that fresh flowers grow in a natural range of colors that will never match exactly but their natural colors can still work together to create enchanting flowers for your special event.

Are there any colors that I should definitely avoid putting together?
Please never put red with burgundy. Oftentimes people will assume that all shades of red match together, they do not, nor do pink and red. If you are going with bright red, make sure that all your accessories: your ribbons, linens and flowers are the same shade of red. If you choose burgundy, again, make sure that everything else in your d├ęcor is burgundy and not red. Most other colors within the same shade match well together.

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