Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wedding Flower Trends 2011

I`m so excited about the wedding flower trends for 2011! Especially since many wedding flower ideas for 2011 lend themselves well to a do it yourself type of wedding. I`ll first discuss the color trends then go into flower styles and popular flowers for 2011.

Wedding Flower Color Trends 2011
There is a wide variety of choices when it comes to the color palette for 2011 wedding. Your personal preferences will ultimately determine which way you will go when confirming your selection.

This year`s color trends come in two distinctive groups according to expert Michelle Mospens. She is a true genius for detailing color trends and wedding styling. I encourage you to visit her site. (after you finish reading this article) http://www.mypersonalartist.com/blog/?s=wedding+colors

Michelle Mospens has been helping brides with their color decisions since 2001 and according to her research, "The 2011 year in color will not only be BRIGHT and amazing, it will also be vintage, earthy and sun washed."

The Two 2011 Color Groups for You To Choose From 
  1. Vintage Look: To achieve the vintage, nostalgic look include soft pastels with an undertone of gray in your wedding colors. For example a monochromatic creams (not white) would fit right in. Pinks accented with grayish silver would be perfect for this look.  Greens, cream and burnt red would also work well for a vintage look.                                               It`s all about choosing washed out colors for that aged look.
    Navy is always regal and can easily lend itself to the vintage look when combined with other blues, especially other dark blues like royal blue, perhaps a touch of violet and a sumptuous washed out yellow or you could go with a faded platinum silver. There are many options to achieve this stylish nostalgic look...
  2. Bright, Fun Look: Hot Pink, Carrot Orange and Many Shades of Green and blue are at the top of the list to achieve the second color trend of the year. Tropical colors in funky combinations are ideal for 2011 weddings. This contemporary color theme can really make a statement. Let your imagination go wild for a  wedding that will really stand out!

Wedding Floral Trends and Popular Flowers for 2011 
  1. To Match the Vintage Look: Loose, natural organic garden look. Just greens for centerpieces could work Use a single flower en masse for the ultimate 2011 trend.  All roses or masses of hydrangeas, callas or ranunculus reflect this popular trend well. As for foliage, dusty miller foliage and seeded eucalyptus lend themselves well to the vintage look especially when accompanied with asparagus fern  and ivy for a final wispy romantic touch to your bouquets.  Another idea for a vintage look for your centerpieces is to have cottage garden bouquets resting atop empty tall glass containers. Since the long rectangular tables are much more fashionable than the round ones this year, another idea to consider is a series of arrangements composed of a single flower laid out across the length of the table in combination with tea lights. Vintage accents are the ultimate in bringing this look together. You could include family heirloom jewels in your bridal bouquets or find unique vases and containers at flea markets to use for your centerpieces. 
  2. To Match the Bright Fun Look:  You could still use garden flowers for a contemporary look but use them in bright and unusual color combinations. For example, you could combine hot pink, lemon yellow with royal blue or violet. There are many fun lights, spotlights, floralytes and battery lights on the market now that can be used in combination with your centerpieces to make them light up and add fun and glamor. Jewels in all colors, many shapes and styles are also on the market to add excitment to your wedding.  Rhinestone bracelets for wristlet corsages, jewels and "diamonds" to add to your bouquets  and wire strands of jewels to wind through your centerpieces are all ideas to help you integrate this fun look for your wedding.  Use bold orchids, callas, gerberas, daisies and roses to bring this trend to life.  Again, mass groupings of a single flower would work wonderfully. Think birds of paradise, oncidium orchids, mokara orchids, green cymbidium orchids and heliconia. 

If you want to learn to create bouquets yourself using the basic step by step instructions in my book to make them come to life, click here: howtoweddingflowers.com

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Monday, September 27, 2010

How to Select Beach Wedding Flowers

If you are asking: How to Select Beach Wedding Flowers, you are probably among the lucky ones getting married in tropical bliss. Who can picture a more romantic setting for a wedding...the ocean waves lapping in the background, the sun shining in the horizon, the tropical warm breeze caressing you and your loved one as you begin your forever and ever in heaven!  I know that`s what me and my husband chose for our special day.

Being a wedding florist and because there were no guests at the wedding, and because we were getting married the second day into our holiday, I decided to make my own artificial tropical wedding bouquet. One bouquet and one boutonniere for my husband were all the flowers necessary for this situation. When getting married on a southern beach you have a few options of how to select beach wedding flowers....
  • You can make your own artificial bouquets and bring them with you.
  • You can have a local florist make your bouquets upon the recommendation of your resort`s wedding planners.
  • You can purchase a complete wedding package at an island resort that includes flowers in their wedding package.
  • You can go to the flower market at your tropical destination, purchase live flowers for your bouquet and make your own in your room. Just remember to bring floral tape, ribbon, stem cutters and floral wire to allow you to be able to accomplish this task.
If you are getting married the first, second or third day into your holiday, the easiest and most reliable solution would be to make your own bouquet at home and bring it with you on your beach wedding.  You could also pre-order from home through email. Get some suggestions and addresses from your resort`s wedding planner if you want to do this. If you have more time on your hands before getting married on the beach, your choices can be more numerous.

Beach wedding flowers are typically bright, vibrant and tropical. Orchids, birds of paradise, anthuriums, gingers and roses are perfect for wedding flowers. The wedding bouquets could feature orchids and roses whereas the centerpiece or ceremony and cake table could be decorated with the taller and brighter tropical birds and gingers. 

The amount of wedding flowers you will need for a beach wedding vary greatly depending on how many bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents and guests are coming along. All members of the bridal party should receive a bouquet or boutonniere. The parents should receive body flowers as well. 

If you are having a reception, you may want to consider having a floral centerpiece on each table. If it`s just you and your husband, you may just want to place your bouquet on the romantic dinner table and then at the foot of the bed to decorate that as well. Lol!

Weddings in Hawaii should ideally include leis as the perfect accent to your beach wedding. Have the wedding party wear them and if possible, give one to each guest upon their arrival.Orchids are a popular wedding flower for the bridal bouquets as well as the leis since they are long lasting in the tropical heat.

To give you even more ideas of beach wedding themes that will help determine the look of your beach wedding flowers, I found this great website:

Beach Wedding Ideas And Themes

Caribbean Beach Wedding Ideas and Themes
Bright beach wedding theme includes such items as exotic tropical flowers in your bouquets, elegant white beach wedding dress, traditional Black Rum Wedding Cake and celebration till late night.

Hawaiian Beach Wedding Theme Ideas
Hawaiian beach wedding theme can be very romantic. Hawaiian guitars, bright multi-colored Hawaiian style sundresses, shirts and skirts, beautiful nature will make your special wedding day unforgettable.

Fantasy and Role-playing Beach Wedding Themes
Be an actor in your own theater. Just play, this is your special day. Bride and groom can have a Pirate Wedding, Cinderella wedding, Western wedding themes and such.

Animal Beach Wedding Ideas
If you like animals such as mermaid, dolphins, turtles etc., You can have a great beach wedding theme based on the sea and fantastic creatures. Choose necessary wedding attire like dress in mermaid style or a fishing net with sea shells.

For step by step instructions on How to Make Wedding And Special Events flowers, click on this title: Unleash Your Inner Florist 

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

5 Steps to Creating Unique Centerpieces

Step One-Main Container
 Find inspiration online and in bridal and home decor books and magazines. Pick your central container according to the size and shape of your tables. A regular ballroom table should have a centerpiece that is between 10 and 12 inches or more while long thin tables should not have a centerpiece bigger than 4-6 inches but would look great with more than one per table. .

Step Two- Romantic Illumination
Choose your illumination, especially if you are having an evening reception. Most candles that are
in an enclosed container are usually allowed in most hotel or motel halls. Find out before getting your heart set on a certain idea.Mini votives can be placed around a main centerpiece. Floating candles can also be your main centerpiece when floating in a low bowl. You``ll probably want to scatter petals, leaves or shells around your main bowl depending on the season and theme of your wedding. Confetti is not always permitted but could also be a great touch around a candle bowl. If you cannot use wax candles or if you want something
different, there are many new products on the market that look amazing, such as battery candles, fiber optic lights and LED lights.You can even use glow sticks in yellow for the brightest or in your theme color if you prefer. To get a glow  effect for your centerpiece, buy some tulle and cut it in sections to fit into your bowls.
When the time comes, in the late afternoon or just before your reception, you’ll want someone trustworthy to be in charge of lighting the candles glow sticks or battery candles just before the beginning of the
reception. If your reception is to be held in a  ballroom, double check if the staff can be responsible of this for you.

Step Three- The Filler
Decide how you will fill your bowls or containers.
The simplest idea is to just put water in the bowls and float one or more candles. An upgrade
to that idea is to add food grade coloring in your theme color to your water if your container is
clear. Although it is a little messier to mix colorant into the water (get the drops from the baking
section in your local supermarket), it could be beautiful in the right color combination. Light
blue water with a dark blue candle is a beautiful combination. You can do the same idea with colored beads, stones, sand, shells or colored wax granules,
Magic Crystals are also great  to use instead of water to hold flowers or candles or a number
of other theme items. Sometimes called by diff erent names, they are small beads that hold in
water and become much bigger when they are hydrated. “Soil Moist” a gardening product that
is designed to hold moisture in the plants for less watering is basically the same thing as Magic

Step 4 -Easy Floral Elegance
Nothing beats fresh flowers for wedding elegance. Floating flowers is an easy yet simple and beautiful way to fill your centerpiece bowls. Flowers that you float should reflect your theme flower or theme color. Flowers that work very well for this purpose are daisies, roses, gerbera daisies or carnations. Most small to medium   flowers would work well for this purpose. Even garden grown blooms would do best floating in bowls.Another easy floral idea is to use very tall vases, fill the bottom with your filler of choice and use tall line flowers such as delphinum, larkspur, calla lilies or large blooms for example hydrangea and roses.

Step 5- Put it all together

Do as much preparation ahead of time to reduce stress on wedding day. Fill bowls with any filler that is not liquid.( If using a watery filler, you will need to fill your bowls onsite. Each container should have approx. 2/3 water, sand or other chosen filler, unless in the case of really tall vases in which case 1/4 should be sufficient.) Pack all ingredients of your centerpieces together making sure to think of every aspect of preparing your centerpieces onsite. Will you have a container to fill with water if using? Will you have scissors to cut the ribbon ? etcc...Organisation will go a long way to preventing stress and creating beautiful, original centerpieces. Make yourself a reminder list of things you will need to bring or steps to making the centerpieces if being put together by others (in which case you should definitely have a model for the assistants to copy.