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How to make sure your cake will be decorated as per your wishes

Since you will be very busy on your wedding day getting all prettied up for your grand entrance, your wedding day is not a good time to be running up to your hall to decorate a cake! Since your cake will likely be delivered in the early afternoon of your wedding day, there is really no way for you, yourself to decorate your cake the night before (unless it is an artificial cake!) However, by following this timetable, you can make your own wedding cake flowers, save at least 75% and make sure your flowers are exactly as you dream them to be.

Wedding Cake Time Table
Before the Wedding The first thing to do is to decide on your vision for your cake and to plan for the materials you will need and when to put everything together. The next thing to do is to explain what you would like to your cake maker, make her/him a little sketch of your vision of your flowers and accents. Make 2 copies of this sketch. Keep one in your wedding organizer and leave one with your cake maker a few months before the wedding and promise to return with the floral accents the day before the wedding (or earlier if they are silks).
Three to Four Days before the Wedding Make your cake topper and prepare your greenery. Spray all with a touch of water or even better, with an anti-transpirant such as Crowning Glory. Store both in a fridge until the morning of the wedding. The foliage should be in a plastic bag while the topper itself can be just loose in the fridge.
The Morning of the day before the Wedding Step One: Return to the cake maker’s with your floral and greenery accents all prepared. If you are using greenery or loose flowers, make sure your water picks are full. Instruct them to put your flowers and foliage in their fridge until time to bring to the hall. Step Two: Speak to the person who will be setting up your cake and give him or her the second copy of your vision if they need it. Answer any questions he/she may have and then trust that everything will be done according to your wishes. You have done everything you can. The second option is to get an aunt, uncle cousin… decorate your cake on the day of the wedding, a few hours before the wedding. Whether a cake maker or a family member is selected to decorate your cake, you should follow the same instructions as outlined above.
The Night before the Wedding: Go to your reception hall or send someone you trust fully to your hall to decorate your cake table. Make sure your cake table has a nice tablecloth on it with a table skirt as well as a base to rest your cake upon the next day. If you are adding lights or garlands to their front of your table, now is the time. Attach any accessory to the tablecloth with baby pins. Use the smaller baby pins either in gold or silver and try to conceal them with leaves or flowers.
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