Monday, May 11, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions about Artificial Bouquets


I have decided to make all my wedding flowers out of artificial flowers. Do I just follow the same instructions as for your live bouquets ?

Yes, to make your silk bouquets, simply follow the instructions for the live bouquets with a few variations. You will need a few additional items. Instead of floral shears, you will need wire cutters. Instead of a “Wet” bouquet holder, you will need a bouquet holder specially conceived for silk flowers: a “Dry” or sometimes called “Sahara” bouquet holder. The best holders to use for your silk bouquets are the white Styrofoam holders. You can add-on lace or tulle collars to decorate the back of your bouquet. These are sold separately. You will also need wooden floral picks and floral tape.

What if I can only find bouquet holders for fresh flowers but want to use silks?

As a last resort if you can only find the wet bouquet holders, simply use a lot of glue to create strength and stability although this is not the best option. If you are using a wet bouquet holder instead of dry foam, every time you insert a stem, add a spot of glue to create stability. Add glue especially on the outer flowers and not too much on the inner stems since you will run out of room to stick the stems in if you use too much glue.

I’m trying to stick my flower stems into my bouquet holder but my stems are all flimsy and won’t go in. What can I do?
The secret to securely inserting artificial stems into a bouquet holder is to use wooden picks. Whenever you feel that a stem is not rigid enough, simply follow the instructions in Chapter 10 Essential Techniques: How to attach a floral pick.
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