Monday, June 18, 2012

Eco-Friendly Wedding Flowers: How To Green Wedding Flowers

Floral arrangements are a key component of any wedding.Bouquets, centerpieces and boutonnieres are lovely to behold, and they also perfume the air with their scent and help unify the wedding's theme and color scheme. By their very nature, flowers seem to be 100 percent "green," or eco-friendly. But not all flowers are equally Earth-friendly in the ways they're grown, harvested and distributed.

A few factors that make flowers eco-friendly is if they're watered efficiently and aren't treated with pesticides. Eco-friendly brides must also consider how far the arrangements will have to travel, as well as the packaging and materials that might be required for the arrangements. In this age of heightened environmental consciousness, many brides are turning to florists that offer eco-friendly flowers or taking on the task themselves. Here are 10 inspirations for creative, lovely and eco-friendly floral arrangements.


10: Locally Grown Flowers

Often, it's not the flower itself but the gas-guzzling delivery truck or plane that comes with a heavy carbon footprint. Flowers imported from Bali might seem exotic, but they have to be shipped an awfully long way to be center stage at your wedding (unless you're one of the lucky people who lives in Bali, of course). Choose instead to feature locally grown flowers in your bouquet and centerpieces. For example, spring nuptials in Wisconsin can incorporate colorful, elegant options such as tulips, daffodils, cherry blossoms and peonies, according to the experts at Martha Stewart Weddings.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Succulent Wedding Favor Idea



Succulents are probably my favorite thing on the entire planet earth because of their unique beauty and incredible visual interest.

Due to their wide variety of options in color, size, texture and shape, you can create a personalized succulent wedding favor for each one of your wedding guests with a few simple steps. They can also double as a place card holder at your reception tables by writing the name of your guests on each one of the tags.

DIY Succulent Wedding Favors Tutorial:

1. Purchase small succulent plants from your local florist or hardware store. You might also have luck finding them at a local farmer’s market.

2. Choose your containers based on your wedding theme. This can be anything from a regular miniature clay pot to small tins, mason jars, or ever tea cups! I would even consider mixing them up a bit. You can choose a different themed container for every table.

3. Purchase card stock to secure your gift tags to. Wedding Paper Divas has a large selection of personalized gift tags to choose from. Be sure to leave room at the top of your tags for a hole punch.

4. Use twine, ribbon, or anything else of your choice that will slide through your hole punched tags and secure them around your succulent wedding favor containers. Another option is to glue your tags or place cards on a wooden stick and let them sit up right in the dirt. This idea actually works a little better if you’re planning on using them at your reception tables as place cards.

5. Now, just sit back and watch as everyone swoons over the impressive gifts that will surely be sitting in their kitchen windows for years to come. And, what an easy and fun diy project! Get the girls together and make an afternoon around it.

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine Gift Ideas


The month of February is often looked forward to by many the world over. This month besides ushering in the spring season, also brings in flowers and gifts for many.

As the valentine day approaches on the 14th of the month, there is love and radiance in the air. People plan out ways and means to express their feeling to their loved ones. Youngsters and the romantic at heart also consider this day very apt to plan ask their girlfriends for a lifetime companionship.

Though history puts forth the birth of this celebration from the Victorian era, the concept of cards and gifts too didn’t lag behind.

Valentines Day even in a technologically digital era, is represented by red roses, life sized cards and huge heart shaped balloons, besides a variety of Valentines gifts. This is one season of the year when the business men actually can earn a lot of profits. Youngsters in their attempt to charm their boyfriends or girlfriends into a longer relationship go out of their way to express their feeling.

Every city and town the world over gets painted in red. Surprisingly not very much is known why the red color, however, people consider it to be related to the blood that St. Valentine shed for his loved one.

The leading card designers’ prints cards for every Valentines Day as per the studies conducted on the choice of cards. This allows them to provide their customers enough variety of cards to choose from.

Further, with technological innovations, one can send in a card in electronic format or even browse online from the online shopping portals. After selection of cards come the time to shop for gifts.

Shopping for Valentines Day Gifts for the loved ones has to be the best valentine day gift for him or her. First and foremost before one reaches for a gift, one has to be clear about the individual’s choice of colors, hobby, liking, past-time activities and interests. Understanding all these factors of a person would help one to zero in on the unique valentines day gift.

The next step is to browse through a variety of stores to choose a gift which would suit the individual’s persona. However, in today’s techno savvy world, browsing through a number of stores has also become easy. With a number of stores having their footprints on the World Wide Web, one can browse and buy anything from the comfort of ones home.