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Floral Trends For 2012


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When the now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge tied the knot at Westminster Abbey surrounded by trees, including field maples and horn beams, and with Kate Middleton brandishing a bouquet made of the equally seasonal lily of the valley, bridezillas nationwide were taking note.

“Following the royal wedding, soft and subtle [flower] arrangements will prove popular, with many brides focusing on the meaning of the flowers they choose just as much as how they look,” explains Rayner.

With lily of the valley apparently holding hopeful connotations, such as return of happiness and purity of heart, the British bloom is likely to prove popular.

“For spring 2012 the English country garden will be a key inspiration for British brides, with lily of the valley chosen for its delicate, bell-shaped blooms,” says Rayner. With that in mind, it’s hard not to immediately envisage the aptness of Shaun Leane’s white gold, pearl and diamond Maybell Collection - the perfect pairing for delicate flower arrangements.

Intricate will definitely be key to wedding flowers, agrees Polly Atkinson, lifestyle editor of Condé Nast Brides, who predicts a “move away from big domes”.

“Shades of ivory whites and cream will continue to be popular, classic and unbeatable. Flowers in these shades never distract from the bride and her dress, which should be the focus,” she adds. Shaun Leane’s Maybell Collection

While lily of the valley will certainly feature in floral arrangements for 2012, it is best for a wedding in May, when the English variety is in season. According to the experts, home-grown will be the fleurs de jour for spring/summer 2012 “with quirky mismatches and sentimental finds replacing anything too coiffed and formal,” says Juliet Hutton-Squire, co-founder of trend forecast website Adorn Insight.

“Delicate meadow and garden flowers, for example, will become a strong design influence, with elegant styling replacing anything OTT.”

Bridesmaid beauties
Formality is also being given more of a wide berth when it comes to bridesmaid ensembles. While in the past bridesmaids were likely to be matching from their satin shoes to their drop pearl earrings, individuality down the aisle is no longer shunned.

“The bride may decide on a colour and theme but the bridesmaid trend is moving away from anything that hints of matchy matchy,” explains Hutton-Squire. “The fabric might be the same, for example, but the dresses might be cut in different styles to suit the individual personalities.

As a result of this shift, accessories are becoming less coordinated and more personalised.” According to Rayner, colours too are becoming more adventurous, with many brides moving away from classic ivory jewellery to softer tones of blush pink, subtle golds and pretty champagnes. “These shades will also translate into bridesmaid dresses,” she says. Think Breil’s latest offering - the Duplicity collection of bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings made from stainless steel and featuring mother of pearl inserts.

As well as prevalence for what Rayner describes as ‘Cadbury’s purple’ weddings, other alternative colours are also making it onto the canvas. “A vibrant palette of mouth watering hues from jade green and fuchsia to subtle shades of mint and sorbet pink take us into spring/summer 2012,” says Hutton-Squire.

For those embracing the rich hug of purples, amethyst may be the stone of suggestion, demonstrated beautifully in So Jewellery’s Heart Amethyst earrings and pendant. For those seeking something a bit bolder, the Lola Rose grey agate and peacock quartzite or blue sandstone and dumortierite Isidora bracelets will add that blast of colour.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions About Centerpieces


How do I go about deciding what type of centerpiece would look good at my wedding reception?

When you start to think about wedding centerpiece ideas you'll want to keep two things in mind. First,think of the mood or style you are going for and this will decide a lot about your wedding centerpieces.
Second, it is important to know what kind of tables you'll have.

Will the guests be seated at small round tables or large long communal tables?

Also, notice if there are any strong colors at the hall as in the chairs or counters or floor that you need to match with your table settings. These factors will all impact your decision. If you have decided on a theme for your wedding reception it can be easy to find a perfect matching wedding centerpiece idea. Examples of themes would be a beach theme with lots of shells and sand; a tropical theme with lots of bright colors and exotic flowers like orchids, anthuriums and birds of paradise or simply a color theme such as butter yellow with navy blue. Finally, if you are going with a country wedding theme, you could use a pottery or earthen container.

What vase height is good for centerpieces?

The centerpieces need to be designed in a way that allows eye contact with the person sitting across from each guest. This allows an unobstructed fl ow of conversation. You don't want your centerpieces to annoy the guests to the point where they want to tuck them away somewhere just to get them out of the way. You have two choices in creating centerpieces that can be enjoyed by all.

The first option includes selecting a vase or container that is short (less than 14 inches-35cm) such as a low vase, bowl or dish.

The second option is selecting a clear and tall vase that is high enough to allow a clear view of the people on the other side of the table such as Eiffel Tower vases or other thin, long clear vase so that the part of the vase that is interfering with the view is see through and only 1-2" thick. Elevated centerpieces are an impressive focal point that can be seen from the dance floor and from every angle in the hall. You can rent these from select decor shops or you can buy them.

How do I know what type and size of centerpiece bowl I should use?

Glass containers are most popular since they are elegant and classy. The size and shape of your table should guide your decision in the size and shape of the centerpiece dish you choose. Your container of choice could be a 4-6" (10-15cm) rose bowl if your tables are the long tables all in rows.

However, if you have round dining room tables that sit 8, you'll want your container to be at least 6-8" (15-20cm), 10" (25cm), even 12" (30cm) wide. Another option is to choose a smaller dish or very tall vase and use a sprinkling accent of rose petals, seashells, fall leaves or confetti in your theme to extend the centerpiece out and to obtain a substantial focal point at the center of each table.

If your table is long and rectangle, long low bowls would look great with river rocks at the bottom and floating flowers or candles. Table runners down the center of the tables with multiple blooms in different low clear bowls can also look stunning. Try alternating one small bouquet in a square vase, one floating bloom in a round bowl, then a candle votive and this, all the way down the table. Use flowers all in the same colors to creative unity.

If you want more ideas and want to learn how to make centerpieces the easy, cheap and right way, get my book called: Unleash Your Inner Florist: How to Make Wedding & Special Event Flowers. http://www.howtoweddingflowers.com

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Decorating The Gift, Bar & Buffet Tables


by Sophia Rodriguez

If you are wondering how to decorate your gift table, bar and buffet table, this article will help you get started in planning so that all the important areas at your wedding reception are carefully laid out.

Gift Table Accents
For your gift table, usually, it is located close to the entrance. Many people have an extra table close to the guest registry table or as a continuation of it for the presents to be displayed on.

A card holder on this table is a widespread tradition that can take many forms. From birdcages to mailboxes to treasure chests to wells to heart boxes to hot air balloons, many options exist as an area for your guests to deposit their cards to you. Just make sure that you have someone trustworthy to keep a close eye on the card holder since it will usually contain checks and cash in the cards.

Make sure this table is dressed up with a tablecloth and table skirt. Other than that you might also want an embellishment like rose petals or fall leaves but that's all you need on this table.

Bar or Buffet Table
A nice touch that shows how well you have organized your event is to have extra bouquets for areas that are very visible and in a high traffic area. Perfect examples of this are bar bouquets on one or either side of the bar.

Also, Buffet Tables are a prime area to showcase a beautiful fresh bouquet. Topiary bouquets are beautiful for this purpose since they are tall enough to attract attention and showcase your focal flowers in style.

Bouquets in vases are long lasting, showy and add style and color to a reception. Make a large bouquet for the buffet table and small ones for the bar. If you have a buffet table, you might want to scatter silk rose petals or other embellishment on it to blend it in with your theme.

You can do this before the caterer's setup with no problem. Another idea is to create a higher platform at the center of the table perhaps with a sturdy cardboard or wooden box, cover it with material in your feature color and use this platform as a display area for a fresh floral bouquet. It could be a topiary bouquet or a fresh flower bouquet in a vase or in floral foam. Make sure your platform is very stable though since you would not want it to spill onto the guests as they are helping themselves to food.

If you had large bouquets at the church or ceremony, make sure to make the most of these bouquets and display them at your reception. You can then offer them as a gift to someone who helped you out in planning your wedding. If you decide you can handle making your own centerpieces and flowers especially at such an incredible savings to you, you should get my book which will make your life so much easier.

It will get you all organized and will give you the confidence and the instructions you need to achieve all your floral dreams for your big day. Unleash Your Inner Florist: How To Make Wedding And Special Event Flowers http://www.howtoweddingflowers.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Sophia_Rodriguez