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Wedding Flowers: Customs & Traditions

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Looking for ways to get symbolic with your wedding flowers? Put on your thinking cap and check out these flower facts.

The blossoms you select for your wedding day are rooted in rich cultural and historical traditions. From ancient Rome and ancient Greece to the Middle East, we've gathered the best flower-related customs we could find. Read on for a bundle of floral trivia.

In Thailand, the mothers of the bride and groom walk to the altar to drape puang malai -- flower garlands -- around the couple's shoulders to wish them good fortune in their life together.
Swedish and Danish grooms sew small pockets of strong-smelling herbs like garlic, chives, and rosemary into their clothes for good luck.
The Indian groom's brother sprinkles flower petals over the couple at the end of the ceremony to protect them from evil.
Ancient Greek brides often carried ivy at their weddings as a symbol of their never-ending love for their sweeties.
Ancient Roman brides carried bunches of herbs to symbolize fidelity and fertility -- and to scare off evil spirits.
The Victorians, who were fascinated by the meanings of different blooms, popularized the wedding rose, which represents true love.
Also in Victorian ages, the bride originally tossed her bouquet to a friend as she left the festivities to keep that friend safe (by warding off evil spirits, of course) and to offer her luck; this came to mean that the single woman who caught the bouquet would marry next.
In a Greek Orthodox wedding, crowns of orange blossoms were traditionally made for the bride and groom -- they even matched the delicate embroidery on the bride's dress. The blossoms symbolize virginity and purity because they are white and fragile, and they emit a sweet, delicate scent.
In Tudor England, brides carried marigolds dipped in rosewater and ate them afterward, since they were thought to be aphrodisiacs!
According to Italian tradition, the front grill of the Italian getaway car is decorated with flowers, paving the road to a happy marriage.
In the Middle East, the bitter herb artemisia is incorporated into bridal bouquets to ensure that marriages will survive bitterness as well as sweetness.
According to Indian tradition, both the bride and the groom sport a floral headpiece.

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How to Decorate a Yacht for a Wedding

Nothing says luxury and romance better than the ocean, a sunset and a beautiful yacht. Decorating a yacht, especially if it is going to be moving during the wedding ceremony, is a lot different than decorating a church or building.

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Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Things You'll Need:
Flowers, real or fake Clear packing or shipping tape Streamers and ribbons Large sheet of card stock Candles and votive holders

Step 1
Think about where the ceremony will be held. You'll need to create space for the bride party, master of ceremonies and guests. Traditionally, weddings are held at the bow, or front, of the yacht, so create space in the bow if you can. Set up a small, raised stage to serve as the altar, and place a spray of flowers on either side. If you are having a night wedding, consider lining the altar area and walkway with votive candles. Keep the flower arrangements and candles low, as waterways are usually quite windy.

Step 2
Decorate the outside of the yacht. Hang ribbons, streamers and flowers on the sides of the yacht. Attach them with clear shipping tape, as it will probably not remove any paint but will be sturdy enough to hold the decorations even in the wind.

Step 3
Decorate the back of the yacht with a sign saying, "Just Married!" Create the sign with sturdy card stock and attach ribbons to the edges of it. Regular paper will probably wilt or be destroyed by the wind and moisture, so get the thickest type of card stock you can find--or even use cardboard.

Step 4
Use flowers lavishly. Yachts are usually elegant in design. Don't ruin an elegant wedding with garish balloons or cheap decorations. Place flowers in the bathrooms and in every other room the wedding guests might frequent.

Step 5
Consider the outside environment. Decorate the ramp or dock leading to the yacht with ribbons, candles and flowers. Consider throwing rose petals into the water if the environment allows for it, or make it a part of the ceremony.

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How to Make Your Own Ring Pillow

The ring pillow from a wedding can become a treasured keepsake of a very special day and a family heirloom as well. Use high-quality materials for the pillow and be creative. Experiment with different patterns, materials and textures before you decide on a final design.

· Choose two pieces of fabric that each measure between 8 and 10 inches square. Use white or off-white satin, silk or brocade. If possible, use the same fabric and lace that is used for the wedding dress.

· Choose lace and ribbon to decorate the pillow if
desired. The amounts required will depend on how the
materials are used. About 2 to 3 yards each of ribbon
and lace will be adequate
· Use two or three pieces of polyester batting as stuffing
for the pillow. Each piece should be equal to the
dimensions of the fabric squares in step 1.
· Use a fabric cutting board, ruler and fabric marking pen
to mark and measure out two equal squares of fabric.
Make all markings on the wrong side of the fabric. Test
the pen on a scrap of the pillow fabric to make sure
that the marks will fade.
· Do any embroidery or needlework before continuing to
the next step. Add any other decoration to the face of
the fabric as well. Embellishments such as small
ribbons, charms and delicate lace can be tacked or
sewn on to the fabric by hand.
· Add a lace ruffle to the pillow by pinning the straight
edge of the ruffle to the right side of the fabric square
that will form the pillow top. Pin so that the edges line
up evenly and the right sides (if there is a right side to
the ruffle) are together.
· Pin the ruffle very loosely onto the fabric or gather the
ruffle slightly as you pin in order to create a fuller
· Pin the fabric pieces with the right sides together.
Edges should match up evenly. Pins should be placed
about 1/2 inch apart and should be at right angles to
the fabric edges. Make sure that the pinned edge of the
ruffle is caught securely between the two fabric layers.
· Use a sewing machine to stitch three sides of the
pillow, 1/2 inch from the fabric edges. Turn the pillow
right side out and stuff the batting layers inside. If you
would like a fuller pillow, insert additional batting.
· Fold the edges of the unsewn seam into the pillow 1/2
inch, and stitch closed by hand. Use a slipstitch done
by hand or carefully topstitch the edges with your
· Add a 10- or 12-inch length of 1/4-inch satin or silk
ribbon to the top of the pillow. Stitch the ribbon by
hand to the pillow at the ribbon's center point. Add a
silk or satin bow made from the same ribbon to cover
the stitching. Use the two ribbon strands to loosely tie
the wedding rings to the pillows

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Underwater Wedding For Scuba Diving Couples

I found this dream like wedding ceremony for water loving, scuba diving couples. Very different, unforgettable and unique! A Buddhist ceremony in China but perfect for any water loving couple.
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`As a coastal tourist destination located in the most southern point of Hainan Island, Sanya has been embraced by everything: pleasant climate, fresh air, tender sunshine, crystal blue ocean, soft beach, fascinating ethnic folks, yummy sea foods and you name it.

Instead of flamboyant traditional suits, the new couples will be dressed in colorful diving suits. Assisted by the coach, the bride and groom will be riding the wave and diving into the wedding hall under water, with the stones as witness, the fish as guests, and the turtles as choir. What a lovely feeling! Another special is a fibered and water-proof marriage certificate which can be your lifelong testimony.

Tour Itinerary:Day 1: Arrive in Sanya. Arrive in Sanya and transfer to your hotel. Have a night tour around the city.

Day 2: Underwater Wedding Ceremony at Sanya. After the breakfast, the couple, together with their relatives, will take the flower-decorated cars to the famous Oriental Hawaii-Yalongwan Diving Club where the staff there will send flowers to the couple. With the wedding march, the new couple, under the guidance of coaches (also as the witness), will then dive into the underwater hall (stay there for 30 minutes).

The couple hand in hand will dive through the underwater flower gate. They will sweap rings and kiss each other. The coach hosts the ceremony and issues the marriage certificate. As soon as the ceremony is done, the couple holds a bottle with love testimony in it and put it into the ocean. The bottle filled with love and wishes will drift all over the world.

During the whole trip a professional photographer will take pictures recording the memorable moments. Also a variety of entertainment activities will be organized after the ceremony is over. At noon, head back to Sanyawan where a collection of outdoor pictures will be taken.

Day 3: Western Island. Park on Lvhuitou Mountain top. After breakfast the bride and groom dressed in special suits take a one-day tour experiencing local life. Go to the island of Love Western Island where you can enjoy all kinds of activities. You may watch the mysterious underwater world in a touring ship or you can take pictures in the island. When the night falls, you can climb over to the beautiful Lihuitou mountain where you can hang the love lock over the love trees, listen to romantic love stories, enjoy the gorgeous scenery or have a soul-to-soul talk.

Day 4: Tianyahaijiao (the end of the earth). After breakfast pay a visit to a crystal exhibition hall. You can buy one piece as a gift for your friends. Then go to the temple where you can experience the Buddhism culture and pray for the best of your love. Take a cable ride to Nanshan Temple where you can overlook the ocean. At Bell Temple, you can hit the bell for your parents' love, for a happy family, for the world peace. In the afternoon visit Tianyahaijiao, the most famous scenic spot in Sanya and a must-go place for lovers.

Day 5: Departure.
Notes:Airfare is not included in the tour price.
Price Includes:- Entrance fees as mentioned in the itinerary;- Meals as listed in the itinerary: B=breakfast, L=lunch, D=dinner;- Personal Guide and Driver + Private car/ van for Private Transfer and sightseeing;- Hotels (twin share bases) as listed in the itinerary;- Domestic flights (economy class) or trains as listed in the itinerary;- Domestic airport taxes;- Service Charge and Government Taxes;- Luggage Transfers between airports and hotels.Price Excludes:- Entry or Exit China International transportation;- Visa Fees;- Excess Baggage Charges;- Personal Expenses;- Single Room Supplement;- Gratuities, Tips to guides or drivers.

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What do I Put on My Registry or Sign In Table?

Most weddings and special events have a guest registry or sign in table at the entrance .

Here are the items that are traditionally on the Guest Registry Table.

On the guest registry table, you will need to plan for a

1) Nice tablecloth and table skirting.

2) Guest book and pen or picture mat to sign.

3) Easels with couple pictures as an ode to the couple, or other pictures or mementos or theme
objects featuring the celebrated person (people).

4) A really nice touch is to have a bouquet of flowers on this table. In the case of a wedding, the perfect solution is to use your throwaway bouquet to decorate this table. Simply have a vase
ready to display it in or, even better, have a bouquet holder. You can probably rent this at the
same place you rent your arch and cardholder. If not for a wedding, you will want to make a
separate bouquet of flowers that you can then give away as a gift to a helper or as a prize draw.

5) A nice sprinkling of rose petals or confetti is a crowning touch to this table. Depending on what you chose for embellishments on your guest tables, you’ll want to repeat it on the guest
registry table.

6) Front of the Table Accents: A garland of ivy or silk fl owers pinned to the front of the table is a nice touch, as is mini lights under the table or lights wound in tulle and hung on the front of table with bows to hide the attachment points. Whatever you used on the head table or the cake table, you can repeat it here.

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World Record Winning Wedding Bouquets

The most expensive wedding bouquet as recorded in the Guinness Book of Records belongs to Vietnam. “Thien hoa bach ngoc” which translates to: thousands of flowers, hundreds of gemstones. As its name implies, this bouquet is bejewelled to the till. Picture a flower bouquet containing 90 two carat red ruby gemstones, 9 one carat diamonds, and 1 star-shaped ruby of 21.6 carats. As for flowers, the bouquet consisted of white roses, white lilies, white phaelopnosis orchids, and moonflowers. The bouquet also had other elements of nature incorporated into the bouquet. It hosted several kinds of stones, paints, feathers and a 100 year old root.

The idea behind this pricey bouquet was to represent 100 happy years for the couple- 100 gemstones, 100 year old root and probably 100 flowers. The price of this beauty: $125,000 USD. Last summer the bouquet was on display in Hanoi at the Ruby Plaza, one of Vietnam’s largest trade centers.

The longest wedding bouquet recorded so far was held by Suresh Joachim who in an effort to raise funds and to become famous attempted to break several world records in the Toronto, Ontario area. For his wedding on September 6, 2003 to Christa Rasanayagam, he had his bride carry a 60.09m (197ft) long bouquet. The wedding also featured a record 79 bridesmaids and 47 groomsmen.

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Wedding Flower Trends for 2009

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The busiest part of the year for weddings is coming up - summer. Every year, there are certain trends that florists see, and you may want to embrace these trends for your summer 2009 wedding.

Here are the most popular wedding flowers trends:

Bright, Bold Colors: Pastels and white flowers are classic, but we’re seeing and more brides choose bold colors like purples and oranges for their summer 2009 weddings. Jewel tones are hot right now.

Tall Centerpieces: Instead of a typical centerpiece for your reception, think height. Brides in summer 2009 are choosing tall, slender vases with bursts of flowers at the top.

Simple Bouquets: This year, we’re seeing a revival for the hand-tied arrangement. There are even brides opting to carry a single rose. Simplicity is key - and it saves you money.

Arrangements with Fruit: Adding fruit and produce to your centerpieces can be extremely fashionable. Using tropical, citrus fruits, like lemons and oranges, will also help you add that punch of color.

Organic Flowers: Organic floral arrangements grew in popularity last year, and we’re still seeing that trend hold true for summer 2009 weddings.

When in doubt, go for something classic, like red roses or white lilies. Also, remember that fashion doesn’t matter as much as your happiness. You should choose flowers that make you smile, even if they aren’t considered to be the most trendy in 2009.

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Which Wedding Flowers Match With What

Your wedding color theme is a major factor in the overall look of your wedding. Your color scheme if well selected will bring unity and beauty to the flowers and decorations at your ceremony and reception. As you plan your event, consider the colors that will be found in your flowers, linens and accessories. Many people select their wedding or special event colors based on their favourite shade or favourite flower. However, if your favourite color does not match with your hall, you might want to reconsider. If the all the chairs at the hall are burgundy for example, please do not choose fire engine red! Your chosen colors should also reflect your personality, especially in the case of wedding flowers.
Here are some general guidelines as to which flowers come in which colors and what the color scheme matches well with.

Blue Flowers: Flowers available: Delphinium, iris, bachelor`s button, dyed blue roses, dyed daisies, dyed dendrobium orchids , hydrangeas, hyacinths, Best Bets: Delphinium, hydrangeas Matches Well With: white, ivory, yellow, purple, fuschia, black, silver

Brown Flowers: Flowers Available: Leonida roses, hypericum berries Matches well with: pink is the number one choice, fall theme with preserved fall leaves, berries and fruit. Also matches with celadon green, pale blue, ivory, white, gold red, copper, peach, burnt orange, yellow

Purple/Lilac Flowers Flowers Available: lilac roses, daisies, freesia, lavender mums, statice, larkspur, hydrangea, aster, dendrobium orchid, cattleya orchid, lilac, Matches well with: all shades of purple and lilac, pinks, whites and daisies, tulip, lisianthus, mini carnations, carnations

Pink Flowers Flowers: Available: roses, tulips, freesia, heather, ranunculus, lisianthus, mini carnations, carnations, rice flower, daisies, alstromeria, peony, stock, tulips, gerberas Matches well with: all shades of pink, purples, lilacs, brown, whites, ivory, blue, light green

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What`s Hot in 2009

I found this interesting article on the Knot Wedding Website.
Check out their forecast for New Wedding Trends in 2009

Trend 1: Rustic homespun details
Outdoor weddings -- on a farm, in a vineyard, or even in the backyard -- are huge right now, and we'll continue to see a lot of them in 2009. It's really no wonder: An outdoor setting makes for a fun, laid-back vibe and the decor options are limitless. So what kinds of details are in store? Vintage vases filled with fresh-from-the-garden flowers, mismatched china in bright colors, and homemade wooden signs to direct guests. Even catering is in on the action with in-season ingredients paired with local wine.
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Trend 2: Jewel tones
Say good-bye to pale pastels and bright poppies. Rich gem colors like navy, plum, and amber are going to be hot. And instead of chocolate brown, look to a soft creme brulee hue, bronzes, coppers, and black. Yes, that's right -- black is back too. >
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Trend 3: Patterns that pop
Gingham, checkered, polka-dotted, paisley, toile, damask -- you name it, colorful patterns are in and in a big way. Add patterned overlays to your tables to instantly perk up the room, find an off-the-rack patterned dress for your bridesmaids, and have your invitations and envelopes lined with colorful designs. The best part about this trend is that it lets you throw around a lot of different hues and still keep a cohesive look and feel.
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Trend 4: Ball gowns are back
From a full A-line gown to a very over-the-top design, this silhouette will make a huge resurgence down ceremony aisles this year. And you don't have to have a ballroom wedding to pull it off either -- the key is in the fabric. Find one with layers of airy tulle or even cotton for an outdoor spring or summer wedding; get a silk satin ball gown for a more formal wedding; or go for ultra-soft suede for a wintertime wedding.
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Trend 5: Two-tiered wedding cakes
While cupcakes and dessert bars have been popular for the past few years, wedding cakes are making a comeback -- but not in tall towers anymore. Now it's all about having just two tiers. Order several small cakes and put them on each table as a centerpiece, or set up a table of tiny wedding cakes mixed with desserts, cookies, pies, and more. And vintage cake toppers are in too. Find one online at a site like, commission one from a local artist, or borrow your parents' or grandparents' to make your cake extra-memorable.
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Trend 6: New centerpiece vessels
The classic floral vase has given way to mix-and-matched clusters of vintage pitchers, vases, jars, and galvanized buckets. Other ideas: apothecary jars with colorful rocks, sand, or even candy; uniquely shaped glass vases featuring fresh fruits like raspberries and blueberries; and mason jars loaded with fresh flowers like daisies and dahlias. To throw extra color or texture into the mix, line your flower-filled vases with patterned paper or even fabric. For a wintertime fete, get knit and sweater-like coverings to line your vases and complement a cozy decor.
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Trend 7: Chandeliers and creative lighting
Lighting designers are turning out impressive designs, projecting chandeliers, large trees, flowers, and even city skylines right onto the walls. When it comes to your space, hang chandeliers in different sizes, add colorful lamps and shades to the tables, line the room with strands of twinkling lights, and don't skimp on the candles.
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Trend 8: The updated photo booth
Renting a photo booth has been growing in popularity over the past few years. The updated version? Entire photo sets with fabric backdrops and props. Set up a photo area at the reception that's big enough for a group shot. Drape the background with fabric and add couches, chairs, and plenty of props (think easy-to-throw-on hats and scarves). You may be able to have your photographer or an assistant man the station, or ask a trusty friend to be on hand with a digital camera.
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Trend 9: US honeymoons
This year, newlyweds will prove that you don't have to travel halfway around the world to find an amazing honeymoon spot. Many will be looking to book a honeymoon right here in the US. And there's no shortage of domestic honeymoon-worthy options -- from a romantic winery in Sonoma County, California, to a hot hotel in Miami, Florida, to a cozy lodge with a stunning view in Juneau, Alaska.
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