Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How to Make Floral Accents for Hair

A single flower tucked behind the ear, as simple as it may be to do, projects the splendor of a very special event. This is usually reserved for women’s hair. From a fl oral comb to an elaborate wreath, there are many ways to include fl owers in your special event and add class, character and charm to anyone’s hair. From the simplest to the more intricate, there are many ideas to decorate hair that are described in this chapter. We will cover barrettes, combs, head bands and simple accents. Add class and charm to your event by preparing hair-do blooms for all important ladies at your celebration.

Simple Accents
The simplest and most traditional fl oral hair decoration is a single bloom or sprigs of baby’s breath tucked in the hair. Simply cut pieces with the stem long enough to stick in the hair. To do it yourself, insert pieces of baby’s breath through pulled back or braided hair. Secure with bobby pins and / or hairspray. You can do this with hydrangea or daisy fl orets or any other theme fl ower from your special event. For a tropical look, orchids hold up very well out of water as a hair decoration.

Floral Combs
Relatively easy to make and very inexpensive, this type of hair accent goes a long way in terms of creating instant elegance.

What you will need:
 -Floral comb
 -Freshly made corsage
(for instructions, go to and sign up to receive your free instructions)
 -Glue gun and glue sticks
 -Floral Wire

How to Make a Floral Comb
Step One
Attach your corsage to a comb by placing on top of the comb and by centering it.

Step Two
Wrap the stem of your corsage with floral wire. Wrap the wire through the teeth of the comb and around the stem of your corsage many times.

Step Three
Secure your comb even more by putting a generous amount of glue between the corsage and the comb.

Step Four
Finish your comb by gluing baby’s breath to fi ll in any bare spots.

Step Five
If your floral comb is created out of fresh fl owers, make sure to spray it with a fine mist of water or an anti-transpirant and store it in a plastic bag in the fridge until it is time to wear it.

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