Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Best Flowers For a Fall Wedding


By Sophia Rodriguez

If you wish to know which flowers are the best flowers for a fall wedding, you are not alone.

While summer weddings are still the most popular, fall is right behind it as the best time to get married. Bride to be`s love the colors of fall, the ideal temperate weather that fall brings and the possibilities that a fall theme offers.

Fall wedding flowers are vibrant, stylish and equally masculine and feminine. The blend of reds, oranges, yellows, copper, rust, burgundy and brown are irresistible.

Here is a list of the most popular fall wedding flowers: roses, daisies calla lilies gerberas sunflowers

The reason that roses are the best flowers for a fall wedding is that roses come in a magnificent range of fall colors ranging from pure golden yellow, bright orange, dark burgundy to two toned chocolate brown roses and confetti roses with their lemon hue tinged with orange tips.

The variety of fall roses is stunning and roses are the number one flower that represents romance, therefore, it is ideal for a fall wedding. Modern bouquet styles such as the handheld rose bouquet with stems showing and the smaller all rose posy are surefire hits at a fall wedding.

Daisies come in many colors, many of them suited for fall. Burgundy, rust, yellow and orange daisies can be used in combination with other flowers in bridal bouquets. They can be used for corsages and boutonnieres, in centerpieces and in church arrangements.

Calla lilies are a popular choice of blooms for weddings. They are classy, elegant and easy to work with when making handheld bouquets. For bouquets, avoid the white ones and go for dramatic burgundy, yellow, orange and brown callas. Callas come in regular large sizes and in miniature sizes.

Depending on the size and preference of the bride, it may be more suitable to purchase small callas in larger numbers such as 12 to 15. For the large type of callas more than 8 or 9 is ridiculously huge for a bridal bouquet. Don`t choose smaller callas for the price though as they are the same price as the larger ones in most parts of the country.

Gerberas are also a preferred choice of blooms for fall weddings (and any other season of weddings actually). These versatile beauties come in yellows, oranges, peach, reds and burgundy and in many other colors in between.

You can use the large gerberas in wedding bouquets, arrangements and centerpieces while the smaller gerberas are perfect for corsages, boutonnieres and cake flowers.

Sunflowers are also a great choice of flowers for a fall wedding. They now come in a variety of hues and shapes such as yellows, oranges and bronze with single or double blooms, however the classic yellow sunflower is still the most popular and long lasting type of sunflower. Sunflowers also work great in handheld bouquets with the stems showing.

To add texture and variety to your fall bouquets, consider adding berries such as hypericum berries, pepper berries, rose hips or viburnum berries.

Fall foliage such as oak leaves and beech leaves also enhance the look of harvest bouquets. From pittosporum greens to preserved maple leaves, yellow variegated ivy and seeded eucalyptus, fall greens add class to elegant fall wedding bouquets.

Last but not least, consider using autumn accessories for your bouquets or centerpieces. Possible accents to enhance your fall blooms include wheat, rye,cattails, fruit such as apples, pumpkins and pomegranates, raffia or gourds. Hollowed out pumpkins make wonderful centerpieces when filled with fall bouquets.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

FAQ'S About Centerpieces


Article by Sophia Rodriguez
Image from http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-1C_dFsUxm2U/TZ78vfYZwmI/AAAAAAAAAnE/8WwsHXW_k60/s16...

If you have questions about centerpieces for your wedding and want to know what is appropriate, you are not alone.

As a wedding florist in a busy flower shop for 15 years, I noticed that many brides were unsure about what types of flowers and combinations of flowers and candles or other accent were better for centerpieces and wanted to know what was appropriate.

Here are some of the most popular questions that kept coming up:

We wanted to use candles and vases to keep centerpiece cost down. Can you give me ideas on inexpensive and pretty centerpieces?

Many options are available to you. You could put some decorative stones or river rocks in your colors in a low bowl type vase, add water and then put floating candles in the bowls. You could float a few daisy heads in low, wide bowls, and then use some inexpensive votive holders for candles around the flower bowl. The main vase will be the most expensive part of this; however, you should be able to rent them from almost any rental service. Mirrors under the centerpiece bowls can also be rented and used to reflect candle light from floating candles.

Balloons also make great budget friendly centerpieces. Use 3 to 5 eleven inch balloons tied at different levels and attached to either a water base covered with material in your colors or attach the balloons to a theme or wedding related object. Just make sure the object is heavy enough to hold down the balloons. Balloons need to be done on the morning of the wedding therefore, you will need to assign a responsible person to this task.

Our colors are navy and white. I have no idea what to do for centerpieces. I want something cheap but nice and unique. Do you have any ideas?

You could use shallow round bowls. Use food coloring to turn the water blue and use white floating candles. You could also use cobalt blue vases or bowls with white stones and floating white flowers with a touch of greenery to add contrast and make the centerpieces look more natural. Daisies would be the most inexpensive flower to use, followed by carnations.

Are candles allowed in reception halls?

Check with your venue as to whether they allow candles, many do not allow candles due to insurance costs and liability in case of fire. In our city, they ask us to go to the fi re hall with an example of the centerpiece we will be using to get it approved. Every municipality and hall will have different rules. If you are not allowed candles but still would like to have the romantic ambiance created by the use of candles, you can use LED candles or other type of battery operated candles to cast a soft glow on your centerpiece. Glow sticks can also be used to create a dreamy glow, just make sure to conceal the source of the light to preserve the mystery.

I really like arrangements with fruit in them like slices of lime or lemon. Is it a good idea to combine fruit with flowers?

Adding fruit to your floral arrangements is a simple way to add color and visual interest to your centerpieces. The only problem with this is that fruit secretes toxic ethylene gases. The best way around this is to prepare your flowers separately and to add the fruit at the last minute. If you are using uncut fruit such as a full lime or lemon, the amount of gas expelled will be minimal. However, as soon as you cut the fruit, lots of gases will be expelled. So if your arrangement includes cut fruit, make sure to put the fruit together with the flowers only on the morning of the event to avoid flower damage from the ethylene gas.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fresh Or Fake Homemade Wedding Flowers? How To Select And Care For Wedding Flowers At Home


By Sophia Rodriguez

If you want homemade flowers for your wedding but are not too sure how to make or select them, this article will set you off on the right track. Learn how to select and care for wedding flowers at home, then find out how to get the exact instructions that will guide you every step of the way into making your own perfectly fresh bouquets for your wedding.

Maybe you want to make wedding flowers, corsages, bouquets or centerpieces for your sister's wedding or your best friend's wedding. Let me show you how you can present flowers that will look perfect throughout the wedding day, even if you make the bouquets days in advance.

How can I make sure that my flowers will still look perfect by the time my event starts?

On the day of your special event, your first goal, when it comes to your wedding or special event flowers, should be to have your flowers be in prime condition, fully opened and fresh for the whole duration of the event. This requires special care and handling of the flowers every step of the way: from buying or picking them to arranging them, to packaging and transporting them to the event site. If you have selected artificial flowers for your special event, much less care is necessary however the result are not as stunning.

Is there any special care that I need to keep in mind when selecting and caring for artificial flowers?

When buying artificial flowers, the most important thing you can do is to choose the most realistic looking flowers you can find. In storage, make sure not to squash the flowers; stand them up in buckets or vases or lay them flat. Once you have arranged them into bouquets, corsages or arrangements, you need to package them in a way so as not to squash or harm the flowers in any way. Also, you will want to store them away from bright sunshine to avoid losing the bright colors of your silk flowers. When taking them out of their storage area a few days before your special event, you will need to fluff out your bows and reshape any bent or squashed flowers.

What are the steps that I need to take to make sure that my fresh flowers will be just perfectly opened for my special event?

Here is how and when to select flowers in the right stage to have them be at their prime on your special day:

1) Plan to get your flowers about 2-3 days in advance of your planned flower design day. For example if you are gathering with your bridesmaids on the Thursday night to prepare the flowers for your Saturday wedding, you will want to obtain your flowers on Tuesday. This will give you plenty of time to process your flowers and to make sure that you have everything required for the creation of your special event or wedding flowers.

2) Keep in mind that depending on the flowers chosen, some flowers, like lilies and roses, may need up to one week to open fully. For your special day, the flowers such as hydrangeas and daisies will look the same as when you bought them. I would not trust a sidewalk flower vendor to guarantee you freshness on your special day. Buy from a reliable source of fresh flowers.

3) For best results and the freshest flowers on your special day, process your flowers as soon as you get them.

4) Be careful not to put too many flowers in the same container when you are storing them for curing. Overcrowded vases cause damage to flowers once they open fully. Lilies are especially sensitive to bruising and breakage.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Best Fundraising With Flowers: Ideas and Inspiration


by Sophia Rodriguez http://www.howtoweddingflowers.com

Are you wondering which way is the best to do fundraising with flowers?

This article will give you ideas and attempt to inspire you to hold a fundraiser with flowers instead of with the obvious chocolate. People are on diets a lot now and they would much prefer buying flowers than something that could add inches to their waistline... anyways, that's how I feel. How about you?

Whether you are hosting or in the committee for a graduation, a sports event, a dancing recital or a community play, flowers are a great way to raise money for your cause.

But what should you sell and what is possible when most members of a committee are not florists.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking...

1) Long stem roses or carnations:

The simplest idea is to sell individually wrapped long stem roses or carnations in different colors. Use cello to wrap the flowers or buy single flower sleeves from your local florist.

Wrap each rose or carnation with one leaf of leather fern and perhaps, one tikki foliage as well. Add curling ribbon for the final touch. You can color coordinate the ribbon with the color of your team or the theme color of the night.

You will be able to charge double your cost or more no problem for a great profit margin when selling wrapped roses and carnations that are ideal to give to any participant of the sport, play or graduation you are celebrating.

2) Corsages or Simple boutonnieres:

This floral option for fundraising is perfect if you are hosting a graduation or a Christmas dance at a high school. Boutonnieres are perfect to sell for girls to buy for their dates and wrist corsages are ideal for young men to buy for their sweethearts to wear.

The most popular floral item for the young women to wear is the wrist corsage. Since most of the girls will be wearing strapless, spaghetti-strapped or sheer material dresses, a pin on corsage would not work.

Therefore, you can focus your fundraiser on wristlets for ladies and boutonnieres for young men. Since the new trend is to match the boys and the girls flowers, feature choices in pairs to encourage the sale of both flowers for the girls and for the boys.

Create an advertisement that will feature say 3-6 choices for young men and women. Start taking orders 2 weeks in advance with a cutoff date of say 3 days before the prom to give you a chance to get well organized.

Popular flowers are mini (or sweetheart) roses, regular roses, dendrobium orchids, alstromeria lilies and other small flowers such as daisies, carnations and chrysanthemums.

Learn how to make boutonnieres and corsages to make loads of profit for your charity or school. Making these floral items in an assembly line at a flower pitch in get together is highly feasible, can be lots of fun and best of all it will make a lot of money for your cause.

Consider that a boutonniere will cost $1.50-$2.50 each to make and can sell for $6 easy. A wrist corsage will cost between $4-5 but can sell for $12-$15 no problem.

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