Sunday, September 13, 2009

To Go All White or Not to Go all White

Does a bride’s bouquet have to be all white?
The color of the bride’s bouquet traditionally is all in white with greens. However, today’s bride is free to choose whatever color she prefers or any combination of colors to match the theme colors chosen and to suit the season. She can be as original or traditional as she wishes. Many brides choose to use the same colors for their bouquets as the bridesmaid’s to make all bouquets uniform. However, the bride’s bouquet is always bigger and/or more elaborate than the other girls’ bouquets. Some brides choose to go all white for their bouquet but for the bridesmaids, they use the theme color of their wedding.

Do my bridesmaid’s bouquets and usher’s boutonnieres have to be made with the same flowers as my bride’s bouquet?
The bride’s bouquet determines the entire fl oral look of the wedding. If the bride selects an all rose bouquet, the bridesmaid’s flowers should contain roses also, although their bouquets don’t have to be made only with roses and they could be roses of a diff erent color. The boutonnieres for the groomsmen should also contain some of the same fl owers as your bride’s bouquet. Parents or other participants in the wedding ceremony other than the groomsmen can receive a diff erent variety. For example, if the bride has a 12 rose bouquet, the bridesmaids could each carry a 6 rose bouquet, the groomsmen could have a rose boutonniere and the parents and grandparents might receive a carnation boutonniere or corsage.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Latest Wedding Flower Trends

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Julie Chan at Thomas Hobbs Florist shows off a cascade-style bouquet.

What kind of flowers do hip young brides-to-be want in their wedding bouquets these days?

Well, roses are still hugely popular, especially classic, traditional creamy white and ivory coloured kinds.

But increasingly the demand today is for more sophisticated colour schemes featuring peonies, orchids, hydrangeas and sweet peas, according to Darlene Meyers-Jackson, of Bouquets, one of Vancouver's busiest event floral designers.

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