Monday, December 14, 2009

Top 6 Guide to Winter Wedding Floral Success

Winter wedding bouquets can be very classy and elegant when cared for properly.. Many beautiful flowers and foliages are available  to create a ladies `s floral dream winter wedding .However you will follow these steps to make sure your winter wedding flowers make it to the altar in one piece!

Top 6 Winter Wedding Flower Success Guide

6. Special considerations such as protecting fresh wedding flowers from freezing are necessary for winter weddings. Use floral boxes lined with foam insulation to transport all the flowers from the church to the hall. (ask your local florist to save one for you)  Have one person in charge of distributing the flowers and collecting them for transport from place to place.

5.Choose a seasonally appropriate color scheme.  The most popular flower colors for winter weddings are red, white, burgundy, gold, silver and ice blue.

4. There are plenty of winter wedding flowers available today due to commercial greenhouses and importing from warmer climates. Amongst the most popular winter flowers suitable for wedding bouquets, there are gerberas, carnations, roses, baby`s breath, white chrysanthemums, alstromeria lilies, Casablanca lilies, calla lilies and Asiatic lilies.

3. Sparkly flowers add magic to any winter wedding bouquet. You can uses white flat chrysanthemums or daisies. They can be bought pre-sparkled from your local florist.  You can also buy floral sparkle spray at your local craft store to add festive cheer to all your wedding arrangements and any type of flower.

2. For a final touch, shimmering brooches, crystal or pearl pins and ribbons in golds and silvers are at the top of the list for winter elegance.  Add them to your wedding bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres and centerpieces.

1.Of course if you are lucky enough to be getting married in a tropical location, the natural choice for your winter wedding bouquet would be orchids combined with roses or with other tropical blooms such as birds of paradise, anthurium or ginger.

Enjoy your winter wedding and Happy Holidays!
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