Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tattooed Brides

Times are a changing....
In years gone by, brides used to cover up their tatoos for their wedding day in order to look all prim and proper. Nowadays, many brides are purposely tatooing their upper bodies in order to personalize their look on their wedding day. Proudly they walk down the aisle with their decorated arms and shoulders to celebrate their love, their way. And who can blame them... I`m a big tattoo fan, especially when they reflect the bride`s personality and style.
Floral print armband or sleeve tattoos are especially suited for wedding showcasing.

Another popular wedding tattoo trend is wedding band tattoos. In an age where the divorce rate is at 50% of weddings, matching ring finger tattoos can be an excellent way for loving couples to showcase their eternal love. Another advantage to wedding ring tattoos for couples who work at careers where rings can be dangerous or forbidden is that the love union will be demonstrated throughout the work day. The simple statement of a celtic wedding band or wedding date in regular or roman numerals on the finger is a wonderful ode to a couple;`s love and wedding day.

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