Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Save on Wedding Flower Arrangements

I found this great website with all kinds of information and tips on saving money on your wedding. This is where this article comes from. http://www.cheap-wedding-solutions.com/

Successful cheap wedding flower arrangements are all about keeping it simple. You don't have to be the world's best florist to achieve this. Having willing volunteers to complete your flower arrangements always helps as flower arrangements normally get left until the big day and you will have a lot to do. For the first flower arrangement you will need small glass vases, these could be square or you could even use glass jars or finds from your local goodwill store. The idea is to fill all of the space with flowers, great flowers to do this with are Hydrangeas as they are big flowers and you won't need as many or you could use roses. Keep all of the flowers the same color, or shades of the same color and you won't need to worry about having to artfully arrange them. You can use this simple arrangement in a bigger display by using lots of different sizes and shaped vases. Group the vases together for a stunning display.
You can also use a shallow and wide bowl to display flower heads floating in the water, Gerbera work well for this and so do big flower heads of roses, daisies - any flower that is fairly flat so that they stay floating as you want them to.
You could also use the shallow bowls to have rose petals and floating candles, a very simple and inexpensive display and one that is used a lot. Some tables may need height in the display, you can achieve this by buying glass candlesticks and having them sit in the water. The key is to keep it simple. Potted plants also work well as cheap wedding flower arrangements and the added beauty of this is that you can have them ready for your wedding, days before. Group plants together in individual white pots or use the color theme of your wedding, keeping it simple works best. Have the same plant in 3 or 4 pots as your centerpiece. Plants that withstand some serious neglect will mean less stress for you! Herbs such as rosemary, lavender, marjoram and mint would look simple and stylish plus they bring a beautiful scent to the table. Miniature roses, violets, daisies again work well. You can then use your centrepieces as gifts for your guests – they could end up being your favors, saving you even more money. Tie a label to each plant, you could personalize them with your guest’s name and a thank you from you bot

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