Monday, July 6, 2009

How Much $$ Can I Save by Making my Own Wedding Flowers?

Making your own wedding flowers can be a very rewarding experience. For anyone who really loves flowers and likes to dabble in crafts or gardening, making your own wedding flowers can be a great success story and memory, especially if you share the experience with a loved friend or family member.

Let`s look at the advantages of making your own flowers.

1) First of all, you will be getting exactly what you like since you will be choosing your own flowers, ribbons and accents. For many bride to bes, your tastes and preferences are unique and specific. By choosing your own flowers, accessories and ribbons, you will feel confident that your personality is reflected in your bouquets.

2) Second, you will be putting your love & positive energy in your bouquets. The flowers will live on in photos for years to come and will bring you good luck and blessings for a wonderful marriage. Try to visualize your happy marriage while making your flowers, and sending positive energy through your flowers to the people you are making them for. Your mom will feel your love when she proudly displays the corsage you made especially for her.

3) If you share the experience of fabricating your own wedding flowers with your bridesmaids, friends and/or family, you will be creating memories for years to come. Get everyone to bring happy mementos or photos of when they got married and have fun chatting it up with your girlfriends while working on your fabulous wedding flowers.

4)Finally, and most importantly for many brides to be that are trying to cut costs, you will save lots of money by fabricating your own flowers. It`s seriously not that hard, especially if you have some craftiness in you or can find friends or family with that crafty touch and love of flowers. Let`s examine the different types of wedding flowers and how much money you can save by making each item yourself. Please keep in mind that these are rough estimates for this purpose.

Floral Item Florist Price Your Price Savings
Boutonniere 8.00 2.5 5.50
Corsage 15 6 9
Bride`s Bouquet 80 38 42
Bridesmaid Bouquet 40 18 22
Floral Cake Topper 50 20 30
Floral Centerpiece 50 25 25
Floral Hairpiece 42 14 28
TOTALS¸ $285.00 $123.5 $161.5

You definitely will save by making your own wedding flowers. You can save between 50-80%. Definitely worth the effort! Anyone can make their own wedding bouquet . It`s not that hard! All you need is 1)organization 2)a love of flowers 3) craftiness or help of someone crafty 4) willingness to do it.

If you can picture yourself making your bouquets, you can do it, especially with proper instructions and professional guidance through books, videos and online resources.

Check out : Unleash Your Inner Florist: How to Make Your own Wedding Flowers for all the instructions you will need to make your own wedding flowers.

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  1. You are very talented.!! Its really a great fun to make our own wedding flowers. Thanks for the tips and tutorial.