Monday, July 20, 2009

Add Bling To Your Wedding Flowers

Bouquet jewelry is the latest trend! Adding sparkle to wedding bouquets, wristlets, boutonnieres and hair pieces, is now an affordable luxury due to many new lines of products available through your local florist or online. Floral jewels vary in size, shape and price. For a touch of glamour, add a few crystals, pearls or glitzy butterflies or dragonflies placed here and there throughout the bouquet.

For a traditional look that will add sparkle to any bridal blooms., add a crystal monogram using you and your husband’s initials. You could also add the initials of a lost loved one on your bouquet for that sentimental touch of glitz. This is a simple way to include their memory on your wedding day. Some companies sell jewels in all types of shapes such as hearts, flowers, diamonds, butterflies, animals, etc.. These can link your theme to your bouquet and add fun in a classy way.
To add jewelry to your bouquet is super easy. Simply insert the pick or pin into the center of each or select flowers. If the jewel is large or medium, you would be best to insert the pick between flowers at the center or central area of your bouquet. Another idea for jewel shapes is to attach them to the stem or to the ribbon wrapped around the stems such as in the picture with the heart crystals. Simply glue them on with a touch of hot glue. Do not use too much as to make spider strands of glue...just a dab will do.

Bridal bouquet jewelry is often used only in the bride`s bouquet but can also be used to add extra glamour to the bridesmaid's flowers, centerpieces, hairpieces, and even the wedding cake. Wristlet corsages can now be composed on bracelets highlighted with ``rhinestones`` in all colors for extra bling to all who will be wearing them. Add between $20-$30 per bracelet at the florist and $10-$15 if creating it yourself at home. Pins to tie the boutonnieres to men`s suits also come in all colors and shapes of ``crystals``and ``diamonds``. Add $8-$15 for these jewel accents to your boutonnieres if you are getting them at the florist or $2-$6 if making yourself at home. Bouquet jewelry is a relatively inexpensive way to create a unique and personalized touch to your special day. They can also be used long after your wedding in other floral arrangements and special occasion centerpieces! Consult your local florist or search for bouquet jewelry online to find these precious accents to make your wedding that much more special.
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