Saturday, September 24, 2011

FAQ's About Decorating a Wedding Cake


If you have questions about decorating a wedding cake with flowers, hopefully this article will shed a little light on the situation and inspire you to design a gorgeous floral cake for your wedding.

For my wedding cake I have bought four cakes of varying sizes and rented stands of varying heights to display them. How can I decorate my cakes?

When choosing a topper, be sure to balance its size and weight with the size of the cake. You could choose one traditional topper for the top cake and simple floral accents on the other three cakes. You could use single flowers such as lilies or roses in water picks. In this instance I would also put a mini accent on the cake with the topper.

Foliage used on the table at bottom would also complement your cakes. You could also add a coordinating bouquet in a vase to display on the table alongside the cakes. I'm trying to decide between having cupcakes or a traditional wedding cake for my wedding.

Which is less expensive and more appropriate for a modern wedding?

Cupcakes are usually cheaper than wedding cake. They are fun and familiar but if you are having a very formal wedding, cupcakes could be too casual, nontraditional and perceived as cheap, although some modern cupcakes are anything but cheap!

Keep in mind that depending on the way you wish to decorate all your individual cupcakes, it could turn out to be more expensive than decorating one grand and formal cake. If you are having a relaxed and casual reception where fun is the main goal, cupcakes could be ideal for your wedding.

If you are having a country wedding for example, you could decorate each cupcake with a fresh violet or other edible flower for that country charm.

Overall, the decision needs to be based on your wedding's style. If you are having an elegant, classic event, the traditional wedding cake is the best choice for you.

My groom is a golf fanatic. I thought of surprising him with a golf theme cake topper at our wedding. Is this a good idea and do you know where I could get such a cake topper?

Yes, cake toppers are becoming more and more personalized these days. It would definitely be a conversation piece to have a comical theme cake topper or one that reflects the bride or the groom's hobby or personality. You can find golf theme, fishing theme, soccer theme as well as many other creative cake toppers online or in select party and wedding decor shops.

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