Saturday, October 1, 2011

Decorating The Gift, Bar & Buffet Tables


by Sophia Rodriguez

If you are wondering how to decorate your gift table, bar and buffet table, this article will help you get started in planning so that all the important areas at your wedding reception are carefully laid out.

Gift Table Accents
For your gift table, usually, it is located close to the entrance. Many people have an extra table close to the guest registry table or as a continuation of it for the presents to be displayed on.

A card holder on this table is a widespread tradition that can take many forms. From birdcages to mailboxes to treasure chests to wells to heart boxes to hot air balloons, many options exist as an area for your guests to deposit their cards to you. Just make sure that you have someone trustworthy to keep a close eye on the card holder since it will usually contain checks and cash in the cards.

Make sure this table is dressed up with a tablecloth and table skirt. Other than that you might also want an embellishment like rose petals or fall leaves but that's all you need on this table.

Bar or Buffet Table
A nice touch that shows how well you have organized your event is to have extra bouquets for areas that are very visible and in a high traffic area. Perfect examples of this are bar bouquets on one or either side of the bar.

Also, Buffet Tables are a prime area to showcase a beautiful fresh bouquet. Topiary bouquets are beautiful for this purpose since they are tall enough to attract attention and showcase your focal flowers in style.

Bouquets in vases are long lasting, showy and add style and color to a reception. Make a large bouquet for the buffet table and small ones for the bar. If you have a buffet table, you might want to scatter silk rose petals or other embellishment on it to blend it in with your theme.

You can do this before the caterer's setup with no problem. Another idea is to create a higher platform at the center of the table perhaps with a sturdy cardboard or wooden box, cover it with material in your feature color and use this platform as a display area for a fresh floral bouquet. It could be a topiary bouquet or a fresh flower bouquet in a vase or in floral foam. Make sure your platform is very stable though since you would not want it to spill onto the guests as they are helping themselves to food.

If you had large bouquets at the church or ceremony, make sure to make the most of these bouquets and display them at your reception. You can then offer them as a gift to someone who helped you out in planning your wedding. If you decide you can handle making your own centerpieces and flowers especially at such an incredible savings to you, you should get my book which will make your life so much easier.

It will get you all organized and will give you the confidence and the instructions you need to achieve all your floral dreams for your big day. Unleash Your Inner Florist: How To Make Wedding And Special Event Flowers

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