Sunday, September 18, 2011

Make Your Own Wedding Flowers: Top 5 Things To Avoid


By Sophia Rodriguez

When you lay out plans to make your own wedding flowers, there are certain things you should definitely avoid if you wish to have modern looking bouquets that will coordinate well with your wedding colors and your wedding decor.

1) Avoid colors and color combinations that are out of season or out of style. Never choose more than 2 colors as your wedding scheme. If you choose 2 colors, make sure they actually match well together. Choose colors that coordinate with the month or season you are getting married in. If possible, choose color combinations that are in style that year. You will have better luck matching dresses, flowers and accessories if you select colors that are current and modern.

2) Choose a bouquet style that matches with your body type, your weight and your style. Don`t choose an extra large cascading bouquet if you are a 100 pound bride. On the opposite side, don`t choose a small hand held bouquet of 6 roses if you are a 300 pound bride; it will look out of proportion!

3) Don`t choose super smelly flowers that will give you and your entire bridal party a killer headache on your most special day. Sure, you may enjoy the look of a Casablanca or a Stargazer lily but are you aware of your body`s reaction to this flower`s scent. Make sure to test yourself before making any final decisions.

4) Select flowers that won`t stain your dress or your men`s tuxes. Certain dyed flowers are beautiful and coordinate well with certain color schemes when natural flowers just don`t compare. For example, blue roses come in a dark cobalt blue but leak die as soon as any kind of moisture reaches the petals. Watch out for lilies too! The pistils at the center of the flowers give off a dark brown/yellow powder that stains clothes, hands, and anything else they come in contact with.

5) Choose flowers that give you a warm fuzzy feeling and that you totally love. Don`t just pick flowers for the sake of matching with the bridesmaids dresses. It should be the other way around. Research online and in bridal magazines until you find the bouquet and the flowers that really turn you on. This way, you will be sure to enjoy every minute spent with your wedding flowers and you will be extra proud of the flowers you made.

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