Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Making Flowers For Your Wedding: 10 Steps To Hosting Productive Assembling Party


By Sophia Rodriguez

If you are wanting to make your own flowers for your wedding, you can be so much more productive if you enlist the help of your most important allies such as your bridal party, mothers, cousins, aunts or other special friends. Even though you will be together on the special day, that day is usually fast paced and filled with excitement.

Quality time spent with family and friends before the event or the wedding while assembling the flowers will be remembered as some of your most precious memories.

Enlisting their help will make them feel special and they will glow with pride along with you when the compliments start flowing at the event.

Items that are perfect candidates for Pitch-in Parties

1) Favors 2) Invitations 2) Centerpieces 3) Bouquets 4) Body Flowers such as boutonnieres and corsages 5) Wrapped Flowers 6) Hand-Tied Bouquets 7) Vase Bouquets How to Organize your Gang

Step 1 Select a date early enough before people get booked up. For example, if you want to make your flowers on June 14, pre-book the pitch-in party as early as March. Remind your group every month by email, perhaps with a newsletter about the progress of the event planning, then two weeks before and one week before. If you are planning on making all the flowers in one day, set up your get together as an all-day event so you can get as much accomplished as possible.

Step 2 Send out official invitations by mail a month in advance. Depending on the crowd, you might want to ask guests to bring a dish to share. If it is a wedding pitch-in party, you might want to ask people to bring a picture of themselves with their wedding bouquet so that the get together gives everyone a chance to reminisce about their wedding and inspire your wedding creations.

Step 3 Decide which items you want to make. If making centerpieces, make one sample in advance in order to give your helpers a clear idea of your vision. If making bridal bouquets and corsages, cake flowers or other floral items, have cut out pictures ready and accessible to show to your helpers. Having a concrete example of what you want will be most helpful in ensuring you get what you want.

Step 4 Start purchasing materials and supplies months in advance to take advantage of good deals and also, to make sure that you are not missing anything on the day of your Pitch-in Party. Keep your supplies list with you and check off items as you find them.

Step 5 Free a set of shelves in the garage or in a spare bedroom to stash your supplies. Tape a copy of your master list to the shelf and check off items as you purchase and store them.

Step 6 If you are hosting a pitch-in party to create fresh floral bouquets, buy your fresh flowers and process as per instructions in Chapter 1, about 4-5 days before your pitch in party.

Step 7 Set up stations for each project. In order to give everyone plenty of room to work in, put stations in various rooms on the main floor or spread out in an open basement or garage. Stock each work area with ample materials and supplies (scissors, glue guns).

Step 8 Organize and distribute tasks on paper before the big day. For example, Aunt Giz, and cousins Camie and Lise will make the centerpieces while Lynne, Sophie and Veronika will make the wedding flowers. Have instructions written out to give your helpers a clear idea of their task at hand. The more precautions you take in planning for your pitch-in party, the better results you will have.

Step 9 Before everyone gets there, set up each station with necessary flowers, containers and supplies. Once your helpers arrive, set them up at their station and make sure they understand their task and are comfortable with it. Also, do double check that they have everything at hand.

Step 10 Take breaks for lunch and snacks and to regroup so that everyone knows how things are doing. Play uplifting, fun music in the background. Thank everyone with a little gift to show your appreciation for their help.

For complete instructions and ingredient lists to make centerpieces, bouquets, corsages and more, click here: How To Make Wedding Flowers

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