Thursday, May 5, 2011

How to Make Artificial Flower Arrangements


by Sophia Rodriguez

How to make artificial flower arrangements is not much different than how to make fresh floral arrangements although the tools you will need to use are slightly different.

Of course,the fake material you will be working with is in one sense harder to work since it is harder and more difficult to make look good in an arrangement but in another sense it is much more forgiving and long lasting.

For example, you can easily bend stems to make the flower point in a specific direction with artificial flowers and an artificial arrangement will last many years with only a dusting now and then to help it maintain its beauty.

The tools you will require to make artificial arrangements can all be collected and kept in a simple basket or storage container.

First, you will need wire cutters. This is the most important tool you will use over and over again while making silk flower bouquets. They will help you cut down your flower stems to the proper size. If your flower stems are really thick and the wire is hard to cut, you will need side cutters. Dig around in the garage and odds are you will find these 2 essential tools to making floral arrangements.

Other tools you will need to make floral arrangements with artificial flowers are floral tape and wooden picks. You see, if your flowers are small and the stem is too flimsy, you can reinforce it by taping it to a wooden pick. Also, if you cut your stem too short, you can easily fix the problem by taping it to a long floral pick.

Dry or sahara foam is also essential in making artificial arrangements. This is the medium that you will be picking the stems and the wooden picks in. Floral foam allows for exact placement of flowers and helps easily create a balanced arrangement.

For wedding bouquets, there are many types of bouquet holders that you can use to create your bouquets. Make sure to select a holder that is designed for artificial flowers. My favorite is the styrofoam bouquet holder. This white foam inside a bouquet holder is ideal to make artificial wedding bouquets since it does not fall apart like the dry foam might. If you pull in and out your flowers in order to make corrections as to flower placement, styrofoam is much more forgiving than dry foam.

Glue is the final and essential component of working with artificial flowers. A glue gun with glue sticks will do the trick. For every stem you insert into the foam, you can secure the stem with a drop of glue at the connecting point on the foam. This is especially important when making wedding bouquets in which certain flowers will hang upside down.

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  1. Yes, artificial flowers are really awesome and need no maintenance, water. And to take a look everyday.. :D

  2. Its a amazing article with very helpful tips of making beautiful artificial flower arrangement in no time. I am feeling so happy after knowing this art of making fake flower arrangements.