Sunday, May 15, 2011

How to Pick Your Own Flowers For Your Wedding


By Sophia Rodriguez

Do you want to pick your own flowers for your wedding? If so, you either want to pick your flowers to save money or to display your talents as a green thumb gardener.

The good news is that you can grow your own flowers or pick them from the garden of a relative or friend who grows beautiful flowers and use these blooms to embellish your wedding day.

Many precautions should be taken if you choose this option and this article will guide you through this adventure. I will not go into the whole growing aspect of the blooms for your wedding.

Depending on where you live and how long your growing season will determine which flowers you will be able to grow. Many books and online sites go into the growing care and maintenance of flowers suitable for weddings such as roses.

As for the picking when the time comes, you will want to plan to pick your flowers the day before the wedding or at most 2 days before the special event. The time of day is a major factor as to when you will want to pick the flowers.

The morning hours, between 9-10 am is ideal, just after the dew has dried but before the sun is too strong. You don't want to pick them after a rain since they will be too wet and won't be at their best. You don't want to pick them close to noon or in the hot afternoon sun. They will be dehydrated and not last their longest.

Make sure the blooms and foliage that you pick are at their best; that they are free of insect holes and look healthy, vibrant and beautiful. Researching your type of flower for lasting quality and specific care would be recommended.

It's a great idea to carry a container of lukewarm water to the garden so that you can place the stems in the water immediately as you cut them.

It would be wise to test the type of flower you plan to use well in advance of the special day to avoid any surprises such as the stems or buds dropping within a few hours of cutting. If you are planning on cutting many flowers, bring more buckets or vases of water to place them in so that your fine picks will not get damaged by overcrowding.

Flowers should be picked in the advanced bud or almost mature stage. If you pick them when they are at their peak, they will be past their prime by the time you showcase them at your event.

To benefit future growth of the plant from which you are cutting from, cut your stem just above the nodes (where the leaf joins the main stem). This will allow the plant to keep producing well. Handle blooms quickly and try to only hold them by their stem so as not to damage them.

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