Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You might be a bridezilla to a florist if...


By Sophia Rodriguez

This article comes as a result of my experience as a bridal consultant and florist in a busy flower shop. No one enjoys dealing with a bridezilla.

Do you really want to be the kind of bride to be that vendors dread? Perhaps you are not sure if you are a bridezilla...if not, this article will help you determine if you qualify as a full blown bridezilla.
Furthermore, this article will demonstrate why stressing out your florist is really not beneficial for you or for your wallet.

First of all, what is a bridezilla? A bridezilla is a difficult, unpleasant, perfectionist bride. A bridezilla is just so focused on organizing a perfect wedding that she becomes completely unreasonable and unrealistic if things are not going 100% her way. No fun to deal with as a florist and wedding planner!

Let me give you some examples I've experienced in the past few years and see if you identify with any of these bridezillas.

You might be a bridezilla to a florist if...you are verify specific about certain things such as exact colors. Do you hear yourself saying things like: "That white is just not white enough for me!" or "Those pink flowers are not the exact same color as my bridesmaids dresses!" Flowers are natural, live beauties that are not always exactly consistent in shade from one month to another and from one season to another. if you want exactitude, choose artificial flowers, then you will be guaranteed an ideal color for your taste.

You might be a bridezilla to a florist if... you bring your pack of wolves to the floral selection. Bringing your mother, step mother, aunt and sister to a bridal consultation is just evil. Seriously, with most situations like this, the final result is always the same. Nothing gets accomplished from people arguing amongst themselves and the bride never gets what she really wants with all the conflicting opinions. The bride starts to doubt herself and her preferences go out the window. The ideal situation is for you to go to your consultation with only your fiancé. This is your wedding and even if someone else is paying for your flowers, you should be allowed to order what you want. If the payer is unable to accept this, you need to pay for your own flowers! If your fiance really does not want to participate in the selection of the flowers or decor for your wedding, he is putting a lot of pressure on you. Make sure you are up to the challenge. If so, just bring along your maid of honor or a bridesmaid. You and one chosen guest are all that you should bring to a wedding consultation.

You might be a bridezilla to a florist if...you can't take the professional advice of the florist. If your florist warns you that a certain color will not look good with another one in your choice...if your florist tells you that the flower you insist upon having in your bouquet needs to be flown in from Italy since it is not in season for your wedding date...you need to be open to your florist's suggestions. Any local qualified florist will be able to give you valuable advice if you will let them. Trust the professional you hired...or choose a different wedding professional that you will be able to trust.

All in all, if you behave as a bridezilla with your local florist, no one will want to serve you. Wouldn't you rather they look forward to pleasant meetings with you? As a bridezilla, your prices will go up and you won't get any special deal. Why should a florist go out of their way for you if all you do is torment your wedding professional?

If you are pleasant, open minded yet organized and decisive, you will be the dream bride every wedding professional will be fighting to have as a customer.

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