Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter Gifts To Bring Spring Inside Your Loved One's Home: Top 10 Easter Floral Ideas

By Sophia Rodriguez

If you are wondering what type of of Easter gift would best to send or bring to your loved ones for Easter, this article will help you make a decision by giving you the top 10 gift ideas for Easter time. Easter celebrates the coming of spring and new life awakening everywhere in nature. For this reason, flowers and plants are a natural gift choice and luckily they are easy to buy from your local florist. Flowers and plants will bring a smile to your loved ones and will bring spring inside their home. While many Easter gifts would be appreciated, there are some traditional Easter gifts that are more appropriate than other. As you are debating what to send, keep in mind that some floral gifts last a lot longer than others so if that is important to you, keep that in mind. Other Easter gifts such as treat and fruit baskets are perfect to give to families or couples but if you are gifting someone single, a large gourmet basket would probably go to waste. The most common traditional Easter gift is the Easter lily. This beautiful potted lily features 5-11 trumpet shaped white lilies per stem. They symbolize purity, virtue, innocence, hope and new life and so, they are the bloom of choice for Easter gift giving. These lilies do have a fairly strong odor which is pleasant to most people. The yellow or orange stamens in the center of the flower should be removed when possible since these can stain and the flower will also last longer if these are removed. Top 10 Easter Floral Ideas Potted Easter Lily Bouquet of Mixed Spring Flowers Wrapped: Perfect for those who like arranging their own flowers. Also less expensive. Bouquet of Mixed Spring Flowers In A Vase: Ideal gift for most since it is all ready to display. An assortment of spring flowers might feature these blooms: tulips, daffodils, iris, pussy willow, daisies and lilies. Potted Hydrangea: This is another gorgeous spring potted plant. Hydrangea comes in pink, blue, purple and white. It symbolizes love, gratitude and enlightenment. Tulips Arranged in a Vase: The tulip is the quintessential flower of spring.They represent elegance and grace. Although tulips are beautiful, they are not long lasting. If they are stored in a fridge at night, it will increase their life expectancy. Tulips also bend towards the light. Mixed basket of bulbs: A mixed basket of bulbs holds many surprises and delights for those with a green thumb. Buy these with only a few blooms open and lots of buds remaining. A basket of bulbs may contain some of these blooms: crocus, tulips, iris, muscari, hyacinth and daffodils. Easter Balloon Bouquet: Perfect for the select few who don't like flowers or who are allergic to flowers. Also ideal for children and children at heart. Fruit & Treat Basket: Great for families who can share the fruit and treats. Chocolate Basket: Perfect for adults who will not be getting chocolate eggs from the Easter bunny. Fruit & Gourmet Basket: Ideal gift to send to an office or a group of grown ups. Often features cheese, crackers, apples, oranges, bananas, chocolate, cookies and jelly beans. If you are located in Timmins, Ontario and would like to send Easter flowers to your loved ones, call The Love Bug flowers at 705-365-7653. You can also visit: The Love Bug website to pick your gifts and to order online.


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