Friday, April 1, 2011

So Many Flowers! Which Should I Pick For My Wedding?


by Sophia Rodriguez

Do you get the feeling that there are so many flowers and so little time? Do you want to know which flowers you should choose for your wedding? To tell you the truth as a wedding florist, if you want your flowers to look modern, look fresh and stay alive from the beginning to the very end of your wedding day, there are not that many flower types to choose from.
However there is still a rich variety of possibilities from within these beautiful blooms.

Which look will you go for? First of all, you must ask yourself what type of person you are. Are you a country girl who loves the wildflowers look? Are you a classy lady who wants a distinguished look? Or do you want a totally traditional wedding including traditional bouquets and arrangements? Finally, are you a creative lady who loves color and loves to make a statement. If so, you will want a bouquet that really stands out.

Let me give you some possibilities of long lasting and beautiful flowers per personality type.

Country Girl

Daisies and poms. These come in many natural colors and many dyed colors. You will want to stay away from the dyed varieties unless you are using in a centerpiece since these can definitely stain white dresses! From daisies to spider mums to flat mums and button poms, these long lasting beauties come in natural white, cream, yellow, orange, pink, purple, lilac, brown and burgundy.

Other country type flowers ideal to include are larkspur, delphinium, hydrangeas, alstromeria lilies, any type of lily, gerberas, solidago as a filler along with all types of caspia, baby`s breath and statice. Sunflowers are perfect for country type weddings as well as roses of course. Ranunculus, lisianthus, freesias, stock, peonies, tulips...there are many flowers in the country style that would be perfect for the country bride, however it will depend on what time of year you are getting married in.

Classy Girl

Orchids are ideal for the classy girl. From Phalaenopsis Orchids to Cymbidium Orchids, dendrobium and vanda orchids, you can`t get much classier than an orchid. Base your theme around these and you have a definite winning flower on your side. These come in white, cream, pink, purple,yellow, red, orange and so you are sure to find one to match your theme.

Other classy flowers include roses, casablanca lilies, lisianthus is classy as well as the calla lily, one of the classiest flowers of them all. Available in many colors, this stunning flower will set the tone for your entire wedding.

Traditional Girl

Traditional blooms are hard to beat for a winning floral theme at a wedding. Roses are the most traditional of them all, the red rose symbolizing love is the utimate in romance. Combined with stephanotis and ivy, this could very well be the most traditional suited flower combination.

Other traditional blooms recommended for use in wedding bouquets include lilies, orchids and lisianthus plus mums and daisies will round out the list of traditional blooms.

Creative Girl

The creative girl will probably want to use colorful and tropical flowers to make her wedding flowers stand out, be noticed and appreciated. Orchids and roses top the list since they are available in all colors and can easily creative a bold statement. Try a mix of hot pink, lime green and pumpkin orange roses to turn heads. Other possibilities include pincushion proteas, other proteas, heliconium, ginger, birds of paradise and anthuriums. Some of these are too big for wedding bouquets but perfect for bold centerpieces and head table or church ceremony backdrop bouquets. And with all these types, don`t forget to pay attention to the greens you choose. A variety of foliage can create texture, add depth and add that organic look to any wedding bouquet.

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