Saturday, June 6, 2009

Which Wedding Flowers Match With What

Your wedding color theme is a major factor in the overall look of your wedding. Your color scheme if well selected will bring unity and beauty to the flowers and decorations at your ceremony and reception. As you plan your event, consider the colors that will be found in your flowers, linens and accessories. Many people select their wedding or special event colors based on their favourite shade or favourite flower. However, if your favourite color does not match with your hall, you might want to reconsider. If the all the chairs at the hall are burgundy for example, please do not choose fire engine red! Your chosen colors should also reflect your personality, especially in the case of wedding flowers.
Here are some general guidelines as to which flowers come in which colors and what the color scheme matches well with.

Blue Flowers: Flowers available: Delphinium, iris, bachelor`s button, dyed blue roses, dyed daisies, dyed dendrobium orchids , hydrangeas, hyacinths, Best Bets: Delphinium, hydrangeas Matches Well With: white, ivory, yellow, purple, fuschia, black, silver

Brown Flowers: Flowers Available: Leonida roses, hypericum berries Matches well with: pink is the number one choice, fall theme with preserved fall leaves, berries and fruit. Also matches with celadon green, pale blue, ivory, white, gold red, copper, peach, burnt orange, yellow

Purple/Lilac Flowers Flowers Available: lilac roses, daisies, freesia, lavender mums, statice, larkspur, hydrangea, aster, dendrobium orchid, cattleya orchid, lilac, Matches well with: all shades of purple and lilac, pinks, whites and daisies, tulip, lisianthus, mini carnations, carnations

Pink Flowers Flowers: Available: roses, tulips, freesia, heather, ranunculus, lisianthus, mini carnations, carnations, rice flower, daisies, alstromeria, peony, stock, tulips, gerberas Matches well with: all shades of pink, purples, lilacs, brown, whites, ivory, blue, light green

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