Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wedding Flower Trends for 2009

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The busiest part of the year for weddings is coming up - summer. Every year, there are certain trends that florists see, and you may want to embrace these trends for your summer 2009 wedding.

Here are the most popular wedding flowers trends:

Bright, Bold Colors: Pastels and white flowers are classic, but we’re seeing and more brides choose bold colors like purples and oranges for their summer 2009 weddings. Jewel tones are hot right now.

Tall Centerpieces: Instead of a typical centerpiece for your reception, think height. Brides in summer 2009 are choosing tall, slender vases with bursts of flowers at the top.

Simple Bouquets: This year, we’re seeing a revival for the hand-tied arrangement. There are even brides opting to carry a single rose. Simplicity is key - and it saves you money.

Arrangements with Fruit: Adding fruit and produce to your centerpieces can be extremely fashionable. Using tropical, citrus fruits, like lemons and oranges, will also help you add that punch of color.

Organic Flowers: Organic floral arrangements grew in popularity last year, and we’re still seeing that trend hold true for summer 2009 weddings.

When in doubt, go for something classic, like red roses or white lilies. Also, remember that fashion doesn’t matter as much as your happiness. You should choose flowers that make you smile, even if they aren’t considered to be the most trendy in 2009.

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