Monday, June 15, 2009

What do I Put on My Registry or Sign In Table?

Most weddings and special events have a guest registry or sign in table at the entrance .

Here are the items that are traditionally on the Guest Registry Table.

On the guest registry table, you will need to plan for a

1) Nice tablecloth and table skirting.

2) Guest book and pen or picture mat to sign.

3) Easels with couple pictures as an ode to the couple, or other pictures or mementos or theme
objects featuring the celebrated person (people).

4) A really nice touch is to have a bouquet of flowers on this table. In the case of a wedding, the perfect solution is to use your throwaway bouquet to decorate this table. Simply have a vase
ready to display it in or, even better, have a bouquet holder. You can probably rent this at the
same place you rent your arch and cardholder. If not for a wedding, you will want to make a
separate bouquet of flowers that you can then give away as a gift to a helper or as a prize draw.

5) A nice sprinkling of rose petals or confetti is a crowning touch to this table. Depending on what you chose for embellishments on your guest tables, you’ll want to repeat it on the guest
registry table.

6) Front of the Table Accents: A garland of ivy or silk fl owers pinned to the front of the table is a nice touch, as is mini lights under the table or lights wound in tulle and hung on the front of table with bows to hide the attachment points. Whatever you used on the head table or the cake table, you can repeat it here.

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