Thursday, December 1, 2011

What To Expect for Christmas Décor in 2011


Here’s what you’ll be seeing in the stores this year that’s considered “new:”

  • Christmas Sentiment: Less is more. Simplicity. With widespread economic uncertainty, more consumers are reporting that they will comparison shop, use more coupons and be more careful with money in general. That said, the National Retail Federation estimates that 2011 Christmas spending will rise 2.8% over last year’s figures--not a great boost, but better than 2008’s 4.4% drop. Shocked by unemployment and stock market gyrations, American consumers have developed a new-found interest in simplicity. The soon-to-be released felts and decorated tins with folkloric accents indicate a longing for a simpler, earlier time.
  • Christmas Flowers:  Decorators have long been encouraging homeowners to try flowers other than the ubiquitous poinsettia. While no specific Christmas flower trends have emerged per se, lookfor deep red Calla lilies and red or white tulips on professional decorators’ Christmas mantles and tables this season.
  • Christmas Color:  A subdued mix of frosty green and silver will appear in the Christmas windows of the biggest retailers this year. Any store window displaying bright reds and greens will suddenly seem dated. Think of two Christmas balls, one silver and one more of a metallic gray-green. Woody and other natural accents complement these shades beautifully. Again, these hues are less garish, reflecting the cautious attitude that’s struck most families.
  • Christmas Metals:  In keeping with the subdued hues of silver and frosty green, this year’s metal accents stick more closely to tin, pewter and burnished bronze rather than sparkling golds. The trend toward simplicity emerges in metal mesh pieces coated with uneven paints which renders an earthy texture, as well as the folklore-themed felts and tins. Even the glitters (popular again this year) lend more color than shine. The more sophisticated “superfine” is again the glitter of the day, and it’s showing up in plastic gift wrap and home décor in swirl and plaid patterns.


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