Thursday, March 24, 2011

Make Wedding Flowers: My, How Times Have Changed, For The Better!


By Sophia Rodriguez
If you are looking to make your own wedding flowers, count your lucky stars that you live in this modern age of floral design. In the past, wedding florists had a very difficult life. They had to wire each flower individually! Every rose, every piece of foliage and every carnation had to be wired in order to compose wedding bouquets. All bouquets had to be made in vases or other containers and had to be pretty much self supporting. Can you imagine making floral arrangements, pew markers, bouquets and cake flowers with nothing but wire and tape on your side!

Luckily, in 1954, floral foam was invented! You know, those green blocks of water absorbing foam used for putting together floral arrangements. This invention has revolutionarized the way wedding flowers are made and made life much easier for the florists and for do it yourselfers like your who take the beauty of their wedding into their own hands. Not only does floral foam make life easier, it also keeps flowers fresher longer. For you, that means you can make your bouquets days in advance and still walk down the aisle with flowers that look like they were freshly picked.

Bouquet holders for fresh flowers come in many types now from straight handled holders for that modern look or slanted handle holders for the traditional look. Bouquet holders come in wet and dry foam; for fresh and artificial flowers respectively. Artificial or dry bouquet holders exist in Sahara foam for softer stems and Styrofoam for harder stems.

Making wedding flowers has never been easier due to the increasing availability of floral foam products available in most craft stores, superstores and online. From brick foam to bouquet holder foam to pew bouquet holders to floral spheres for flower girl topiaries and igloo foam for cake bouquets, there is a type of foam for every possible type of wedding floral d├ęcor. New kinds of foam are coming out all the time too...

Rainbow foam is now available for arrangements in clear containers so that you can color match the mechanics of your centerpieces with your flowers. Open heart floral foam exists so that you can insert the flowers you wish into the frame and than add in a picture of you and your groom at the center of the floral heart. The possibilities are endless and increasingly so! The more creative you are, the better you can utilize the wealth of floral foam available in today`s market.

Do you want to learn how to use your creativity in combination with the floral tools available in today`s modern age? Unleash your inner florist and learn how to make stunning wedding flowers just like the pros.

How To Wedding Flowers

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