Sunday, August 21, 2011

How To Dress Up Your Wedding Guest Tables


By Sophia Rodriguez

If you are wondering how to dress up your guest tables, visions of centerpieces probably come to mind. Yes, centerpieces are an essential part of decorating your head table and should coordinate well with the theme and colors of your special day.

From floral centerpieces to candle accents to elaborate vase arrangements with flowers, grasses, stones, leaves and other natural elements, every bride's centerpieces should be unique to her special event.

There are other ways to dress up your wedding guest tables though and this is what this article will discuss. Tablecloths are an important way to dress up your guest tables before even thinking of putting a centerpiece on it.

If you are getting married in a hall, 99% of the time, the hall will be responsible for doing this and so you need not worry about it. Make sure to ask though and to confirm that they will be white, which they usually are. If you want unusual or color linens, you will need to take care of that on your own by renting them, buying them or making them.

Another less expensive way to reflect your wedding colors and theme onto your guest tables is to use table runners, color overlays or other linen to go on top of the basic white tablecloth. These add much style to a table setting. From a raffia table runner for beach and tropical settings to bamboo table liners for exotic or Chinese weddings to simple colored cloths, this type of table upgrade can really make a difference on your overall look.

Accents on your guest tables is the next consideration. Depending on your theme and colors, different accents sprinkled on your tables around your centerpieces or down and around the middle of your tables would be ideal.

Rose Petals are the most popular embellishment for guest tables. Of course if you have no roses at all in your wedding flowers, this would not be appropriate for you. However, if you feature roses in your bouquets and your centerpieces, this would be perfect for you.

Now, should you go with fresh or artificial petals? If you want no stress and perfect petals the whole night long, fake ones would be best. Even if you have no other artificial flowers at your wedding, fake for petals is quite acceptable and unnoticeable.

Because you want to make sure your petals still look great throughout the whole reception, artificial rose petals are recommended. You can purchase these at any craft, party or wedding shop.

Petals of other flowers such as daisies and hydrangeas are also available and can look great as long as they match your color and your flower type. To use, simply sprinkle your petals all around the centerpiece. You can plan on using about 12-25 petals per table.

Other ideas for table accents are: Beach theme: seashells Fall theme: fall leaves (preserved oak leaves are gorgeous!) Summer theme: silk flower heads such as pieces of hydrangea or daisy heads For all weddings: candles, battery candles, mirrors, crystal beads

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