Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What Makes a Special Event Look Professional Vs Tacky?


By Sophia Rodriguez

Are you wondering what makes a special event look professional vs. tacky? If so, this article will shed some light on the subject and help you achieve a professional look for your special event.

We will discuss color choice, unity of decor and richness of materials.

Color choice is the number one element that can make or break an overall elegant look. Please refer to a color chart before picking your definite colors or go with a look of the year color combination to make sure you choose modern colors that coordinate well together.

A bad color choice can create tackiness. For example, we once decorated a wedding in a beautiful timber framed ballroom. The decor was sheer elegant draping on the ceiling with twinkling lights. The head table and the cake table had mini light accents as well.

It could have been quite elegant. However, the bride wouldn't budge on the colors...olive green and dull red! It totally ruined the look and left the decorator and florist cringing! Another element of decor that makes it professional looking is unity of decor.

For example if you choose to use ivy in your wedding bouquets, it would be great to use ivy in your decor at the reception as well. Touches of ivy on the front of the head table could be used as well on the cake table. If you use the colors red and white in the wedding flowers, use the same colors in the centerpieces as well.

If your theme is a beach theme, you will want to follow through with your theme all the way from shells in your bouquets to a cake topper in a beach theme and shells sprinkled along a sandy candlelight centerpiece. Don't overdo it though. If you exaggerate one element too much, it will become tacky.

Finally, the best way to create unity and save money is to reuse bouquets, bows and an arch that you will use at the church.

Get trusted family members to move these items. Make sure to tell them, better yet, make them a diagram of what and where you would like things moved. They will appreciate your instructions and allow them to perform their task as per your wishes.

Finally, materials used should be rich looking, vibrant, healthy and modern.

For example: lace and lattice are now rarely used at modern weddings. Same goes for plastic and cloth flowers, flower fans and paper bells. Of course, there could be exceptions, but usually, try to leave these materials out.

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