Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wedding Flower Trends 2011

I`m so excited about the wedding flower trends for 2011! Especially since many wedding flower ideas for 2011 lend themselves well to a do it yourself type of wedding. I`ll first discuss the color trends then go into flower styles and popular flowers for 2011.

Wedding Flower Color Trends 2011
There is a wide variety of choices when it comes to the color palette for 2011 wedding. Your personal preferences will ultimately determine which way you will go when confirming your selection.

This year`s color trends come in two distinctive groups according to expert Michelle Mospens. She is a true genius for detailing color trends and wedding styling. I encourage you to visit her site. (after you finish reading this article) http://www.mypersonalartist.com/blog/?s=wedding+colors

Michelle Mospens has been helping brides with their color decisions since 2001 and according to her research, "The 2011 year in color will not only be BRIGHT and amazing, it will also be vintage, earthy and sun washed."

The Two 2011 Color Groups for You To Choose From 
  1. Vintage Look: To achieve the vintage, nostalgic look include soft pastels with an undertone of gray in your wedding colors. For example a monochromatic creams (not white) would fit right in. Pinks accented with grayish silver would be perfect for this look.  Greens, cream and burnt red would also work well for a vintage look.                                               It`s all about choosing washed out colors for that aged look.
    Navy is always regal and can easily lend itself to the vintage look when combined with other blues, especially other dark blues like royal blue, perhaps a touch of violet and a sumptuous washed out yellow or you could go with a faded platinum silver. There are many options to achieve this stylish nostalgic look...
  2. Bright, Fun Look: Hot Pink, Carrot Orange and Many Shades of Green and blue are at the top of the list to achieve the second color trend of the year. Tropical colors in funky combinations are ideal for 2011 weddings. This contemporary color theme can really make a statement. Let your imagination go wild for a  wedding that will really stand out!

Wedding Floral Trends and Popular Flowers for 2011 
  1. To Match the Vintage Look: Loose, natural organic garden look. Just greens for centerpieces could work Use a single flower en masse for the ultimate 2011 trend.  All roses or masses of hydrangeas, callas or ranunculus reflect this popular trend well. As for foliage, dusty miller foliage and seeded eucalyptus lend themselves well to the vintage look especially when accompanied with asparagus fern  and ivy for a final wispy romantic touch to your bouquets.  Another idea for a vintage look for your centerpieces is to have cottage garden bouquets resting atop empty tall glass containers. Since the long rectangular tables are much more fashionable than the round ones this year, another idea to consider is a series of arrangements composed of a single flower laid out across the length of the table in combination with tea lights. Vintage accents are the ultimate in bringing this look together. You could include family heirloom jewels in your bridal bouquets or find unique vases and containers at flea markets to use for your centerpieces. 
  2. To Match the Bright Fun Look:  You could still use garden flowers for a contemporary look but use them in bright and unusual color combinations. For example, you could combine hot pink, lemon yellow with royal blue or violet. There are many fun lights, spotlights, floralytes and battery lights on the market now that can be used in combination with your centerpieces to make them light up and add fun and glamor. Jewels in all colors, many shapes and styles are also on the market to add excitment to your wedding.  Rhinestone bracelets for wristlet corsages, jewels and "diamonds" to add to your bouquets  and wire strands of jewels to wind through your centerpieces are all ideas to help you integrate this fun look for your wedding.  Use bold orchids, callas, gerberas, daisies and roses to bring this trend to life.  Again, mass groupings of a single flower would work wonderfully. Think birds of paradise, oncidium orchids, mokara orchids, green cymbidium orchids and heliconia. 

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  2. Thank you for the feature!! Such a beautiful couple--it was an absolute pleasure working with them and so many amazing wedding flowers vendors

  3. Very informative! I learn a new thing every day. Hope for more. Will be coming for more Midtown Manhattan Florist.

  4. Very informative! I learn a new thing every day. Hope for more. Will be coming for more Midtown Manhattan Florist.